April 1, 2019

Just about a year ago, I sat down with one of my dearest friends and talked about an idea that I had. Mandy Harlow, the owner and creative entrepreneur of Heart of Harlow is an incredible source of inspiration to me but more than that, she allows me dream big and she encourages me to pursue the off the wall ideas that come to me.

Heart of Harlow is an incredible Outer Banks business that is two fold, coordination and creative. Mandy coordinates so many local events and as a member of the Outer Banks Wedding Association, she serves couples that are planning to get married on the Outer Banks with grace and pride. Although, weddings aren’t Mandy’s only avenue! She is an asset to the Outer Banks for event planning in general. Mandy also creates some of the most amazing hand lettered pieces and can be found at local craft shows selling her hand crafted pieces, using her design skills to create menus and she is the artistic talent behind my product line of “Little Beach Big Heart” products.


August 20, 2018

It is an honor to share words of wisdom from local pediatric Physicians Assistant, Kellie Flock of Surf Pediatrics. Back to school is right around the corner so special thanks to Kellie for these great tips and reminders! 

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and back to school time is right around the corner. In just one week, we will be trading in beach towels and bathing suits for backpacks and lunch boxes. For some of us this transition is familiar as can be and the words “have a good day at school” will easily roll off our tongues. For others of us (read: ME!), it will be our very first time, and the idea of sending our baby (who cannot possibly be five years old and enrolled in kindergarten?!?) onto this next step will surely cause some tears. Okay, a lot of tears. Regardless of whether your child is heading off to kindergarten or into their senior year, there are some things you can do to make sure that they start off on the right foot! Getting their sleep and eating...

May 21, 2018

If you happened to catch our Community Contributor Post from THE Kellie Flock over a year ago, then you know that the beach is an amazing place for the growth and development of a child. At any age, the shore provides "auditory, vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile stimulation like no other,” as Kellie puts it! 

But, with all of that goodness there is tons of room for fear and anxiety and hopefully a little curiosity too!  I know that my own children have had moments where they aren’t comfortable around the ocean or the sand just feels icky. Even as a grown adult, I feel incredibly small near the sea.

Whether you are a year-round beach mama or planning a vacation for your family, it’s so easy to neutralize the many emotions that your child may feel about the beach. Reading books has always been our number 1 way to start hard conversations with our children so we’ve rounded up our favorite beach reads for kids under age 8! 

ALL of these books are Penny approved and are easily...

February 22, 2016

I am so excited to introduce our very own Dr. Kellie to the blog. Kellie Flock PA is our go-to gal at the pediatricians office here on the Outer Banks. She's walked me through some scary kid health issues and she has walked with me through some "kindly stop Web MDing your child's rash" issues and she makes me a better mom just by being her! I mean... Lady P dressed up as Kellie for Halloween two years ago. THAT'S how special this lady is! 

I was so excited to chat about the possibility of Kellie becoming a contributor to the blog because she is such a huge asset to the Outer Banks Community both professionally and as a mom. So naturally, when she wrote this piece I just couldn't wait to share it! 

I'll stop rambling so you can hear from the real reason you are here today! Without furthur introduction, Kellie shares her beautiful heart below! <3 

This post is supposed to be about the beach. And how good it is for the soul. And how great it is for the littlest of those souls – our kid...

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February 27, 2018

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