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Elizabeth Hudspeth - Outer Banks Mom Spotlight

The CUTEST thing happened this week during our Outer Banks Mom Spotlight. If you peeped yesterdays blog then you know that I let my Penny Pie help me select the next spotlight mama! I had a ridiculous amount of nominations but at the end of the night we were both SO excited that our spotlight landed on Elizabeth Hudspeth!

Elizabeth is an incredible mama of three sweet boys, ages 10, 7 and 4. I have to mention that her son Easton is the SWEETEST and most loving little guy that I have ever met! The minute that he sees my tiny Lulu at the park or the store, he just melts. Easton loves babies and truly acts as if he has won the lottery by being in Lulu’s presence! It’s so precious!

Okay, okay! Back to Elizabeth! Rightfully so!

The number one thing that I adore about Elizabeth is that she puts her family first! In fact, when I asked her what she would add to the Outer Banks if she could pick just one thing… she picked her brother and sister in law who are expecting their first baby. I can totally relate because I desperately want for my own sisters to move to this perfect paradise that we live in! While so many of us are in search of a Nordstrom Rack, fast food joint or Target, the first thing that comes to Elizabeth’s mind is her family!

Y’all… I seriously hope that Penny and Lulu see their big brother in that light someday! GOALS! For sure!

Since Elizabeth grew up here on the beach she is thrilled that she gets to raise her own family here and have the beach as their playground. In true boy-mom fashion, her favorite way to spend her family time is by playing sports, watching sports or traveling for sports! Spending time outdoors seems to be at the heart of just about every Outer Banks Mom Spotlight! Getting to spend time enjoying this beautiful place with family is such a big part of raising kids here!

Elizabeth is an incredibly powerful mama! I know that Elizabeth would call herself a stay-at-home mom but I happen to know that she rarely gets the chance to just "stay at home!” When she isn’t doing the bookkeeping for our local pre-school or the payroll for her hubby’s office, she is working hard to manage the sports teams of her boys or volunteering at the elementary school. Somehow, Elizabeth always makes all of this look easy and you’ll catch her with a smile on her face while taking care of business! I love that she always makes time to talk, lend a hand or offer to help a friend. Her heart for the community and her family is a huge inspiration to me on a daily basis and when our paths cross!

I asked Elizabeth what she would want an Outer Banks vacationer to know and she focused on their safety, wishing that they could be given some literature on rip currents, ocean safety and local traffic safety. I absolutely LOVE this idea and love that Elizabeth’s first thought is how to help people that she hasn’t even met. She’s seriously amazing and spreads love and kindness to everyone that she meets. Now we know where her sweet Easton gets it!

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