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The Week of the Dad - The Weeping Radish

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’re dubbing this the Week of the Dad here on the Outer Banks! So I surveyed the best Dad that I know, Mr. Outer Banks Dad himself. I asked him what he wanted to do the most for Father’s Day and his answers were simple; beach time, a great lunch somewhere that we’ve never been before and time to just relax at home.

Done, done and done!

Since we had a free Sunday, we invited some sweet friends and headed across the bridge to The Weeping Radish Brewery, Butchery and Pub. Y’all, we seriously love having a day that we can sit at a restaurant and eat a meal without feeling like we are rushing through it. As parents, we basically eat our meals in survival mode. We joke all the time about how we try to inhale our food because we know that our kids will finish their meals before us and need us for the next thing on the agenda. So, when Mr. Outer Banks Dad asked to go out to lunch, I knew it needed to be a kid friendly place!

The Weeping Radish was exactly what we were looking for! We ordered lunch and a few beers and then headed outside to the front yard to meet the cute little goats that our server told us about. The awesome staff even provided the kids with special goat food and we were able to feed them together.

The most heart melting moment was when Lulu was feeding a goat and was so excited because he gently ate right out of her hand. She’s totally our tiny animal lover and she was feeling super brave with her daddy by her side.

After we fed the goats we headed back inside for lunch. Jason ordered a trio sampler of sausages that he loved! The sausages are even made right on site and you can tour the butchery (and brewery) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11am and see how they’re made. His meal was served with sauerkraut and a pretzel but the icing was the curry ketchup. Perfect for my spicy German guy! Apparently the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree because the girls were sneaking bites of his food left and right. Jason paired his meal with Wiezen, a wheat beer that didn’t feel too heavy and accompanied his meal perfectly.

I ordered The Southern Belle, a delicious chicken wrap with a fried green tomato. I don’t indulge in fried food often but when I do, it’s likely a fried green tomato. I loved the wrap and the sweet potato fries were awesome! I went with the OBX Shandy that they made to order with pink lemonade and the OBX Kolsch. I loved it and even grabbed a six pack of it at our local grocery store later that night because I was regretting not taking more of it to go! It’s the perfect Summertime beer for the beach and they’ve got me hooked now!

We are so happy that we tried this place out and we can’t wait to go back with some family that is coming into town in a few weeks. They have an awesome menu that truly has something for everyone! Next time we go, we’re going to do a flight of beer so that we can try them all! This mama has the Potato Pancakes on her short list too and Mr. Outer Banks Dad wants to try the Sweet Potato Liverwurst Crostini! Sounds like a date night in the making!

Quick side-note, The Weeping Radish was the first microbrewery in the state of North Carolina. Since their start in 1986 they have paved the way for hundreds of other microbreweries. Proving further that everything awesome happened in 1986… the birth of The Weeping Radish and...myself! ;)

In all honesty, The Weeping Radish has been on our list for a long time but we’re always so stingy about crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge. We LOVE the beach side of the bridge but the offerings of “the other side” are worth the short drive. We’re quick to cross the bridge for the waterpark in the Summer and the pumpkin patches in the Fall, it’s time to put mainland Currituck on our radar! If you’re coming from Kitty Hawk or Southern Shores, driving to The Weeping Radish takes less time than heading down to Nags Head! So head over to The Weeping Radish for a great family day, date night or lunch with friends. I promise, it’s worth the short drive!

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