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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Adventure Loving Kids

After all of the Black Friday shopping and Small Business Saturday, I know some of us are all shopped out! This year, I found some great deals on the stuff that all little girls want this year like LOL Dolls and Barbies but I really try to limit the amount of the same old toys that only bring them joy for a short period of time. Our kids love to be outside in the playhouse, finding a new adventure or playing pretend. They love to create art projects and they are practically professional living room fort designers. Don't get me wrong, our girls love their baby dolls and puzzles and ALL of it, but the imaginative toys are ruling our holiday this year! These are my top toy picks for kids who usually tend to have more fun with the boxes than the toys themselves!

1. Three words: FLOOR IS LAVA! All of my kids, ages 2, 7 and 15 will get in on a good game of floor is lava. Until Christmas, they will continue to play this family favorite with my white couch cushions but come Christmas morning, all that is going to change! I'm so excited about these Gonge River Stones!

2. Both of our girls have requested Binoculars this year from the guy in the big red suit. I researched to find a top rated pair with great reviews. I like that one reviewer said that these ones are soft on little faces and eyes but they are tough on the inside. They won't go "blurry" when they focus. Super excited to see the girls open these up on Christmas morning.

3. Full disclosure on this one: We've bought this set before. Penny and her friends have played with this Bug Catching Set endlessly. However, Eloise is big into catching bugs lately so I'm adding this to her stash! It's good for examining all bugs, giving them a temporary habitat and setting them free. All bugs... except spiders. My girls DON'T do spiders! ;)

We spend a ton of time outside so these next few are great for outdoor play!

4. While we buy and use a ton of sidewalk chalk, we're always in pursuit of great outdoor crafts. I bought this awesome Spray Paint Set for the girls and can't wait to see what they create on the driveway... and on the street and on the neighbors driveway... and on the sidewalk...

5. I'm super excited about this new Ninja Obstacle Kit. I know that all three kids are going to have fun with this one and I can't wait to see their creative play with all of the different pieces. I also love that it comes with pieces to protect the trees! A little bird told me this would be one MAJOR sale on Cyber Monday, too!

These are just my top 5 gifts for your creative, adventure seeker! I'll be sharing more gifts in my Instagram stories today!

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