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I know shopping for a teenager can feel daunting! If you need some ideas for a teenager that are out of the usual scope of clothes and gift cards... You're in the right spot! ALL of these products are tried and true for our family. I will only recommend things that we actually use and like!


Because daylight savings has them coming inside pretty early… wouldn’t ya say?

I think everyone needs one of these! We all have at least one Yeti and if it wasn’t for house guests, we would totally get rid of all other cups and glasses.

Love these mules, buying these for Joey for after his soccer games!

This one is on sale today, $200 off makes it a steal. I love seeing the world through their eyes.

These have been a game changer in our house. An intense full body workout! Great for while gyms are closed.

Noise canceling AirPods… you know, for when they aren’t already tuning you out. ;)

Again, great way to stay active and set goals when gyms are closed!


I have these and love them! So soft and cute!

This set is awesome and a steal! Great for when you have something immediately after dance class or a sports practice.

The perfect spa day at home! I think this would be a great gift for any girl, not just teens!

These are ALL the rage. I love that these exist because good lighting = good photos and good photos = confidence boost. You know it’s true!

Such a fun gift! This can be used practically anywhere! We take ours camping but Penny uses it in her bedroom for movies too.

To organize all 1000 of her lipglosses!

NEXT UP, KIDS! Check out the next blog post for kid-friendly ideas!


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