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Local Spotlight - Henry's Restaurant

We hit 65 degrees here yesterday and it was pure bliss. I had an incredible beach walk to clear my head and an amazing morning with my sweet family for brunch and celebrated a sweet little friend's birthday. It was the perfect Outer Banks day, the kind of day that makes most annual Outer Banks visitors ready to start their vacation plans! This little sandbar isn't just an annual vacation destination. It's a second home to so many people and I truly believe that there is magic happening on this shore. Since I was a little girl, these beaches have meant so much to me. They meant family time and happiness. The smell of southern pine trees and salty air instantly take me back to riding bikes with my sisters in Corolla. I know that I'm not alone in this. The Outer Banks means so much to so many people, it truly is unlike any other location I've known. We all have our favorite spots.

Let's chat about some of our favorite places on the beach! What is your favorite place for breakfast on the Outer Banks? We have lots of places that we recommend but we really love Henry's in Kitty Hawk and Art's Place in Kitty Hawk for breakfast! Yesterday we hit up Henry's and we want to shine our local spotlight on Henry's this week! We don't go out to eat very often unless we are celebrating or entertaining guests from out of town so yesterday was rare! But... we have a 3 year old... so that explains why we are more of a Take-Out family right now! Holy smokes though, said 3 year old was a GEM yesterday at breakfast! She was super happy to sit with her big brother in the booth and share bites of french toast and orange juice, totally ruining his cool tween image...


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