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Local Mother's Day Gifts (You're Welcome)

I say this all the time, but the Outer Banks has some of the most incredibly talented humans I've ever met. To have so many local artists, crafters and makers in one place is AMAZING! Between locally made items and top spas and salons, you should really have Mother's Day in the bag! Just in case you could use a little bit of help, weather you are local or just a lover of the Outer Banks, these are some awesome gift ideas that will have the special mama in your life smiling from ear to ear! (Don't forget the hand made card from the kiddos!) OUTER BANKS CANDLE CO.

I've been a huge fan for years and Kimber is always adding new scents that are all SO amazing! All of the beachy scents are going to be a huge hit but my personal favorites are Jasmine Tides and Pink Grapefruit! You can order these online at or stop by some of the local retailers listed on the website. Not to mention, the amazing woman and business owner, Kimber is truly a gem on the Outer Banks! She and her husband have been a huge blessing and inspiration to Jason and I!


You will LOVE every single piece of this handmade jewelry. Located in many local retailers like WRV, this jewelry line makes some serious waves on the Outer Banks! The amazing sister duo behind this company are truly the kindest and happiest people I have ever met, which makes every purchase a feel good- purchase! I absolutely love the personalized necklaces but they also have so many designs that you are sure to love! Check out their Etsy Shop!


Need a spa day, everyday? This past winter left me feeling exhausted and in need of a spa-day at the end of just about every single day! We were so busy that carving in any time outside of the house for myself seemed impossible. Enter, Hot Mess OBX. Talk about a life saver! Of course, when I realized that the maker and owner of Hot Mess OBX was also a teacher at our daughters school, I loved the products even more! You can't go wrong here, I promise you! From nursing pads to eye pads, this is relaxation at it's finest! The gift that keeps on giving!


Okay, I am SO obsessed with the Lillian Street painting that Dawn did. Of course in our house this is known as "Penny's Pink House" visible from the Lillian Street Beach Access. I knew as soon as we bought our first house that I wanted it to hang in our entry way. Our family has so many memories at the pink house, from picnics to Penny's first steps, we can't get enough of the view and the company. Dawn's paintings have so much emotion in them because she paints the beautiful scenery around the Outer Banks and I think it's safe to say, if you're reading this blog, you love the Outer Banks! Dawn is so incredibly gifted and her paintings tell the stories of doing life on the Outer Banks. Check her out on Etsy! She has her paintings hanging in lots of local spots too like Blue Moon Beach Grille and since she sells originals and prints, there is truly something for every budget.

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