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Top 10 Things to Do- Outer Banks Endless Summer

Yes!! It's our favorite time of the year around here... (tied with the Fall..) We love having our kiddos out of school and having more time to do life together! Especially here on the Outer Banks!

We're listing our top 10 favorite OBX Summer activities and events and hope that you will chime in and add some awesome things to our list!

1. Kids Days by Kitty Hawk Kites! There are so many options to catch this all through the Summer! You can view them all on the Kitty Hawk Kites website but we love Tuesdays in Corolla at Monterey Plaza! Face painting, kite making and games!

2. Riding the World War II bi-plane in Manteo. Jason and Joey just did this for the first time and they LOVED it! Seeing the Outer Banks from the sky is unlike anything you will experience! Check out Barrier Island Aviation!

3. Throwdown North of Town Surf Classic! We love all of the local skim and surf competitions but this one takes the cake. We love the meaning and love behind the entire day and the family oriented atmosphere! You won't regret going to this awesome event that is always for a great cause. It's not until September 17th but that's when Summer begins when you live here! ;)

4. Corolla Outback Adventures! It's awesome to have your own 4x4 vehicle to make it out to the beach but the folks at Corolla Outback Adventures have private land that the wild horses love to hide out on. We've also seen wild boar on our trips out!

5. Outer Banks Watermelon Festival! My Joey and I are the standing Watermelon Tower building champions and fully intend to head back this year to defend our title! This event is put on by Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head and it's such a fun community event.

6. Stand up paddle boarding in Duck at Sunset. If you've ever see the sunset in Duck, you know this is a must do! We've done lots of paddle boarding in our neighborhood canal and can't wait to make it out to the sound at sunset this Summer! Date Night? ;)

7. Enjoy the 2016 Lost Colony show at Roanoke Island Festival Park! It never disappoints and it's a fresh take every year! Plus, it's so much fun to see the local actors, kiddos included do their thing!

8. 4th of July at the Avalon Pier! It's crowded, its chaos, it's a little bit redneck. But it's so much fun and the view is incredible! Seeing fireworks reflect on the ocean is the best way to see fireworks!

9. Brave the Ghost Tour at The Whalehead Club! Last Summer was our first experience for this and we loved it so much! You get a little bit of history and a lot of mystery and it's such a great night! I took my Mom and Joey and we grabbed dinner at Agave in Corolla afterwards! Loved it!

10. Beach days, beach days, beach days! We love our neighborhood style beach days when 15-25 people that we adore all get together for a day at the beach. We are usually sitting 4 coolers deep with food and drinks, surfboards galore and so many sweet kiddos. These are the days that make the Outer Banks life so sweet!

I'd love to know what things are on your local Summer list! The Outer Banks Summer is unlike any other and we are having such a blast trying to experience it all! <3 Happy Summer!

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