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Ballerina Penny Saves the Sea Turtles

That would be an epic children's book series, right? Ballerina Penny Saves the Sea Turtles. While she was merely a "helper" today at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island, Penny sure felt like a super hero as she dropped off donations to the AMAZING staff at the aquarium. They are working day and night to help rehabilitate the 360+ sea turtles that have washed ashore on the Outer Banks. These beauties are cold stunned and are washing up on the beaches and over 80 of them have already been sent south to be released in warmer temperatures. The rest are being rehabilitated and will be released as well! We learned that 8 of the turtles will need a little extra love and care and will stay longer than normal but they will also be released if possible! So cool! The North Carolina Aquarium had asked for plastic tubs and towels so that each sea turtle had it's own rehabilitation "tank." Penny and I loaded up the car and headed down to drop off our donations. As we were leaving, some of the sweet staff and volunteers whispered to Penny and pointed to some of the turtles that were right next to the door and she got to see one of the beautiful sea turtles in a rehab "tank!" All smiles, we headed back to the car! We are so grateful to live on this beautiful little sandbar and that our kiddos can learn the importance of not just kindness to others but to all of God's creatures! Not to mention, it's a pretty good day when you get to go to ballet class and then visit some sea turtles! Of course, in a perfect world, all the sea turtles would be happy and healthy in the ocean swimming with Nemo! But we sure are grateful for all of the NC Aquarium staff that are doing their best to keep it that way! xo! Happy Friday!


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