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Reason to Celebrate

It's so hard to believe that we officially rang in 2016 and that our kiddos were born in 2004 and 2012! Time is flying! I remember being a kid and thinking that a school year was the longest period of time in creation and here we are, 20 years later and time is in fast forward mode. I wish I had a pause button so that I could just soak in these motherhood moments and I could have endless date nights with my hunk of a husband.

We have always had a NYE party or at least a few friends over to celebrate and watch the ball drop, but this year we were home... just the 4 of us! During our past parties, I had always created a printable questionnaire for family and friends to fill out during the party and then we always put our own questionnaires in with our NYE decorations to peak at the following year. Since we weren't having a big to do this year, I didn't make the questionnaires especially since last year my pre-teen gave me grief for asking him to fill one out. Well of course, the year that I slacked off was the year that Joey asked me for his yearly questionnaire! I ran to my computer to create a printable for our family to fill out and I am so glad that I did because we all had a lot to write down and feel thankful for this year! It really goes to show that these little moments in motherhood matter! That when we just aren't sure our efforts matter... they really do matter! That the ten-millionth time that we ask them to wipe the electric blue toothpaste from the sink might not click in their PRECIOUS little heads but is going to happen...right?!?!? I am just grateful for another year to attempt to be a mother of grace, patience and love and that I can continue to point these kids towards God. We have a three year old and a pre-teen... Heaven knows we need a little extra grace and a little extra patience... not sure that our hearts can hold any more love for these two wack-a-doodles of ours... but we're up for the challenge! Feel free to use the printable below! And here is a copy of one of the many #prettyprayers that we are praying hard as we ring in 2016!

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