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Grace Comes in Sandwich Bags

Y'all we had 3 weeks to prepare for this day: It's the first day back to school after a 3 week holiday break... and if I'm being honest I should mention that it was actually a 4 week break for our Joey because he was sick just before break. 4 weeks. And today my first mom fail happened before 7am. Standing in the kitchen putting together Joey's lunch I reached for his lunch box and it's not there. The lunchbox. Where in the world is his lunchbox? Have you been in this spot before? The feeling of dread and disgust kind of takes over and you realize... His lunchbox has been in his backpack all of break. For 4 weeks. With a pit in my stomach, I walked slowly into his bedroom. Silently praying for the grand miracle that perhaps he actually emptied his sandwich crust and empty yogurt container into the trash can in the school cafeteria on the last day that he had attended school... 4 weeks ago. Reaching into his backpack and pulling out the lunch box, I unzip and hold my breath.

Luckily, It's mostly clean. Bless it! Only a sandwich bag remains with a piece of moldy cheese... But you know... I'm cool with that. That's managable at 7am. Being a mom in this world of Pinterest lunches that look more like gourmet chefs prepared them allows for so much self doubt. Are you packing too much sugar? Enough protein? How do I measure up in the school lunch department? But truthfully, I don't have to measure up. I can do my best to raise happy, healthy kids and that is good enough. Where I don't feel like I am enough, it's ok. Because God is enough and He makes up for what I lack. It doesn't matter how you package it. His Grace is overflowing for YOU. Our youngest only goes to Pre-K twice a week so heaven knows tomorrow will be a whole new morning struggle to get 2 kids out of the door but I'm resting in the fact that He has no plans for us to fail, only plans to prosper us. He is enough. His Grace is enough... even when it is packaged in a 4 week old moldy cheese sandwich bag.

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