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Renovating Priorities.

I've had an epic week. No, we have had an epic week. Jason and I have recently embarked on the crazy, wild and wonderful experience of renovating our home. We have always wanted a fixer upper and talked about how we would do things. Then, just as we were about to begin our renovations, something happened that has forced us to really evaluate every second of this reno! So while I had planned to give a play by play here on the blog of our renovation experiences as they happen, I'm now going to wait until we are completely finished renovating! Then, I will give you tutorials, information and the best advice that I can on this ridiculously hard, exhausting and FABULOUS process and this epic week!

But I do have something to share about this week and I think it's being delivered perfectly on time with Jason's birthday!

We've spent 14 years together. A couple of those years were incredibly hard and sometimes we fell out of love. Then we fell right back in love and haven't missed a beat since. We might fall out of love again. If that happens, we can work our butts off and fall back in love. We've done that.

Then, motherhood happened. I almost always put my children first. I worry about their meals, their feelings, their schooling and their clothing. I worry if the kids have enough of my time and attention. I pray for their needs and struggles every single day. And Jason and I love them with every single fiber of our being.

Enter to this epic week: Jason and I have concentrated on each other more than we have in a long time. We've had lunch together every day this week, without kiddos. We've had more in depth conversations in these days than we have in years. We have had to make really big decisions and we have had to compromise on a lot of things and I have never been so tired in my entire life. This marriage business is work. Hard work.

But I am realizing that it is my first priority. With two kids, my marriage isn't always the thing that I put first but this week has reminded me how valuable this commitment is and that keeping Jason before our children is necessary.

This is the greatest work of my life. Without this guy, I am only half of the person that I was created to be. I am so grateful for this man that serves our family and the Lord with all of his heart. He can make anyone feel comfortable and is a friend to everyone he meets. He coaches Joey in just about every sport, makes our Penny feel like a royal princess, roasts veggies better than anyone you've met and keeps us all laughing every single day.

Marriage truly is the most important thing to both of us and this journey never ceases to amaze me! Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Cheers to this beautiful life here in our little beach town! xoxo

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