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Beach Babe Breakfast

Our Penny girl is the breakfast queen. She wakes up and immediately requests bacon and eggs or oatmeal and blueberries or pancakes and bananas. Since her big brother has never been a big fan of breakfast or eating when he first wakes up, this girl has changed the morning routine in more ways than one! The typical grab a banana and get to school on time now takes a bit longer and since we have been renovating, we've had to get really creative around breakfast! We are also trying to get out of the house faster so that when the construction crew arrives, we can get out of here before the reno dust starts flying!

I might not have a stove to make Penny her hot breakfast right now but we have found a serious winner for a super healthy and quick breakfast on the run! Thank goodness for blenders!

Beach Babe Smoothies for my little beach babe have been a huge hit and I'm drinking them too for a morning boost of energy and so far, we've all stayed healthy through all of this crazy sickness going around!

Per serving I am mixing all of the ingredients in the blender and pushing all the random blender buttons until blended enough to go through a straw! :) Does anyone really know which button to push?

Beach Babe Smoothies

1/4 cup almond milk.

1/4 cup dairy free yogurt or greek yogurt, plain or vanilla (usually I buy the flavor that is the cheapest!)

1/2 cup of organic frozen strawberries

1/4 cup of organic frozen peaches

1 banana (ripe or almost over ripe are best!)

2 tablespoons of organic flax seed

3 ice cubes

That's it! So super easy and keeps little Penny's tummy filled right up!

My amazing best friend who now lives on the west coast is a personal trainer and healthy eating extraordinaire and she encouraged me a while back that she puts flax seed in her smoothies, so we followed her lead and added the super food for a boost of omega 3 and fiber. No one even noticed the addition of the flax seed because they really resemble strawberry seeds! Mom WIN! And Thanks to my bestie, Shelly!

I promise, I won't get all health food blog on you. I'm happy to leave that to the pros but these smoothies were too good not to share! We pour it all in a mason jar with a reusable straw and head off for our morning adventures!

With a small peak of warm weather on Tuesday, we spend some time on the front porch with our sweet goldendoodle and enjoyed this treat before heading to school. If a 3 year old loves these, you will too!

Any other quick breakfast favorites for some kids in a hurry to get to the beach?

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