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Rated G for Family

Fuller House--- While the "Fuller Family" now inhabits the beautiful San Fransisco house, the house not only has less people, it has far less integrity... Hey Netflix, thanks for that good old G for Family rating. I mean, Stephanie Tanner...! When I grabbed snacks and posted up in my bed to binge watch this show with my 11 year old son, your boobs were the last thing I thought I had to worry about but now I can't un-see them.... Can we please re-evaluate the wardrobe? Oh and Kimmie. Kimmie, Kimmie, Kimmie. I mean, you've always been a wild card but tequila shots and dropping acid were two things I had zero intentions of explaining...err... Dodging questions about from my kiddo. Then, there's DJ. I am so disappointed in Candace Cameron Bure. I am trying to give her a little grace here but it's hard to see someone I admire change so much for the sake of fame. Let's talk about the woman who is on national television talk shows discussing her morals and values and they go OUT the window with the Fuller House wardrobe? How about that make-out session with her co-worker? I won't even get into the fact that by the middle of the season, she turns it into an episode of The Bachelorette...

One positive about this show is that DJ has been "parenting" her sons better than any of the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon shows. Most of the shows on for tween kids these days showcase children being disrespectful and full of attitude towards their parents. All of this is followed by fake studio audience laughter and suddenly real kids think that it's ok to act this way. We are fairly strict about what we allow our kids to watch so the TV-G rating made me feel like Fuller House would be just fine. But man, Fuller House was certainly rated incorrectly. I was so excited to watch this series with Joey and now I feel like I totally dropped the ball because I didn't preview it before letting him watch a few episodes. I will be honest, I cried while watching that first episode. Twice. First with the hilarious nod to my girls MK and Ashley Olsen. Laughed til I cried. But then DJ is caught on the baby monitor while she is falling apart at the seams, not sure if she can be a Mom all alone. Hit me like a ton of bricks.... Man, I've been in that boat where you're just not sure if you're going to make it through... That struck a major cord with me! But once reality set in that my favorite childhood show felt really sexed up- I lost all excitement over this series.

Was I too naive to know about the sexual innuendo and boozing when we were kids and glued to the original Full House or did it just not occur in that series?

It's a real shame that when 3 beautiful women have a show, it can't be as wholesome as it was when the show revolved around 3 men.... I don't remember Danny Tanner making out with a new girlfriend or taking tequila shots...

As a Mom, I have no idea how to keep my children from viewing age-inappropriate things when the rating system is so wrong.... Y'all, when you look up the Netflix rating system, it implies that TV-G is meant for LITTLE KIDS. Little Kids, Tequila shots and cleavage just don't go together... I'm not even that straight edge of a parent... I'm thinking we can all agree on this one though! That is all. I will get off my soap box now and leave you with this... Ridiculously badly photoshopped picture of the Olsen Triplets, Mary Kate, Ashley and Penny. (Insert Fake Studio Audience Laughter...)

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