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Pass on the Good News- EGG A NEIGHBOR!

Easter is around the corner! Can you believe it? Didn't we just take down our Christmas lights....?eekkk... at least we did! (No JudgeyMcJudgersons, please!) We're kicking off a fun tradition around here. Joey and I used to do this to our neighbors when he was a little guy. We're excited to be bringing it back to the blog and we would LOVE for you and your kiddos to join in on the fun and pass on the GOOD NEWS that Jesus is Alive!

So, how does it work? You can click the photo below and print it off or even make your own homemade version! All you need to do is grab 12 plastic, refillable eggs and fill only 11 of them with a treat or a temporary tattoo or whatever strikes your fancy! Then, hit up the neighborhood! Hide all 12 eggs in the front yard. Depending on the kiddos in the household you are egging, you can hide them easily or be super tricky! You can egg one house or 100, totally up to you! The good news is yours to share! Once you have been "Egged" make sure to hang the paper egg on your front door so everyone that comes to your home knows the Good News! Joey has already had a blast egging some neighbors and we have more to come this week! I wonder if we will get egged back?! ;) Happy Egging, friends!

Disclaimer: FAKE EGGS ONLY! :)

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