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Beach Easter Baskets-Shop Small

While I will be the first person to say that the meaning of Easter is far different then the Hallmark Holiday that many of us prepare, we celebrate that Jesus is alive first and then the bunny can come hopping along. If your house is anything like mine, we are still working on Valentine's Day candy and St. Patrick's Day candy and it's out of control. The sugar intake on holidays is a little bit crazy if you ask me and I'd much rather have the sugar come from homemade baked goods that the kids and I can make together instead of the store bought chocolates and sweets.

It's always fun to fill up a little basket for Easter but I always do the least amount of candy that I can. To fill the basket with minimal candy, I always shop small! I'm really excited about Penny's basket this year. I'd show you Joey's but he reads his Mama's blog and I'm not going to ruin his surprises! :)

This year, I hit up Carolina Keiki in Duck for some bling for Penny since super fancy jewelry and dress up are all the rage for her right now. I just looooove this sparkly necklace and I know she will too! I also got some hair bows to put inside of a plastic egg and these super cute flip flops. We love some minions in our house! :) Mostly because of the Pharrel Williams song, "Happy" music video... but I know that these will make her face light up!

On the practical side, I snagged this mermaid beach bag from one of my FAVORITE shops online, Live Sweet Shop! If your toddler is anything like ours, a purse or bag goes everywhere we go. I'm super excited that she will have her own personal beach bag this year! I know she will love it. Plus, with every purchase to Live Sweet Shop, the amazing owners donate money to an adoptive family which pulls on my heart strings like nothing else!

Lastly, I grabbed a new bathing suit and ordered a bottle of her favorite shampoo and body wash from Wash with Water.

If you haven't tried Wash with Water yet, its time! Not only does it smell good, its organic and completely free of colors, dyes and chemicals! Wash with Water comes right out of the Carolina's in Isle of Palms, SC where my Dad lives! (Seriously, google Johnson's baby shampoo and see what we've been using to wash babies and kids for years... yuk!) Wash with Water is amazing and the Yummy Tubby Banana is our fav!

So Lady P's Easter basket has her covered for the beach this season! I'm tossing in an egg filled with jelly beans and a bag of Craisins and she will be so happy!

Are you putting any beachy items in your baskets this year? I’d love to hear your creative ideas for cutting out the excessive candy!

Happy Easter to you and your family! Jesus is Alive! :)

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