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My Front Porch Looking In

We're so excited to start sharing some of our favorite home renovation projects in the coming weeks, many of which we won't be able to share until after our Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation episode airs on August 20th.

True to the title of our show, we did so many things to this house for a serious bargain! One of my top projects was updating our front steps. Pretty high on my personal wish list was a big front porch. I love the idea of being able to sit on my front porch with my mama's sweet tea and watch the kiddos playing in the yard. Having a big front porch to welcome neighbors and guests was a high priority for me. However, when we found out that we were able to buy this particular house, I forfeited my big front porch for more indoor space and tons of outdoor space in the backyard. I still wanted to make our tiny front porch and steps a welcoming space as guests approach our home.

Thanks to my friend Jeremy, who hooked me up with a free (slightly beat up) surfboard I was able to make my tiny front porch dreams a reality! The surfboard was covered in more board wax than I have ever seen so it took some time scrape it off. I enlisted some really cute kiddos to help me out.

Once all the wax was removed, I spray painted the board a navy blue and added our house numbers. I added a few other pieces of decor to the porch that I picked up from friends that were getting rid of some wedding decor (also free!) and bought an unfinished wooden crate from the Home Depot for $7.

I added the same new Red Carriage paint to the wooden crate as I painted the front door so the cost was split up there a bit.

My total for the projects was $28. I love the new front door mat that I grabbed at Target on clearance which brings my front porch total to $34!


Surfboard: Free!

Numbers: $6 each, total $18.

Wood Crate: $7

Spray Paint: $3

Lanterns: Free!

Doormat: $6

Check out our before and after below!



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