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My Hospital Bag - Baby Number 3

When I packed my hospital bag 12 years ago for our first baby, I packed everything but the kitchen sink. Yet somehow, I still didn't have anything that I needed as a first time mom. Then, four years ago when I packed for baby #2, I packed a ton of stuff that I needed but still, I missed a few important things and overpacked on PJ's and things that created a ton of laundry when we got home. While we wait for baby number 3, I realized how little I have packed this time around and I think I've finally got it right! (I'll let you know about that...)

Of course, there are lots of things that aren't pictured below that I think are needed for a hospital stay but these are the things that I know make my hospital stay more comfortable.

#1. A Cotton Robe. Hormonal changes may make your body temperature fluctuate so having a robe made of anything but cotton might be uncomfortable. I love my Kassatex Abeille robe from Target. I bought this one out of the mens section because I struggled to find one in the women's section that was 100% cotton. Why is it that women's clothing has rayon and polyester and the guys get the good stuff?!

#2. Flip Flops. These ones came from Old Navy but any 'flops will do! You might know that I'm a bit of a germaphobe so it's imperative that my feet don't touch the shower floor... ;)

#3. Bath Towels. I'll never forget when I had Penny and the nurse brought in a bath towel. I was so excited about my shower until the towel arrived and it was more like single-ply toilet paper than a bath towel. Bring your own!

#4. Pain Medication. Yes, the hospital has them. No, they aren't free. My sweet friend Jenny, mom of 5, gave me this idea. She's a genius. I looked at my past hospital bills and they charged me $45 per ibuprofen. Unless the hospital is giving you a solid gold pain med, they are ripping you off. I'm a sucker for saving money.

#5. Shampoo and Conditioner from the salon. Okay, hear me out on this one. I don't typically use the expensive salon shampoo and conditioner for daily use but I splurge for my hospital stay. Why? It's just that smell that brings back the feeling of being at the salon. I'm not the type to do my makeup during a hospital stay but clean hair is a must. Might as well use the aromatherapy from a spa day!

#6. PreNatals. I've forgotten these with both of my deliveries. Not this time! I've pre-packed enough pre-natals for 5 days, just in case I have a longer stay than anticipated. I'm not leaving it to memory this time since I know I feel better and recover faster if I keep up my vitamins.

#7. Camera. Bring the good camera, don't just leave it to your iPhone. You will want those great shots. When Penny was born, I passed time in the hospital just documenting her every move and I LOVE the photographs that we have from her first few days.

#8. Snacks. I always opt for a snack with a little sweet and salty but packed with protein. Sure, you can grab a snack from the hospital vending machine after hours but you probably won't find a healthy snack in there. Pack a few for you and a few for your hubby or partner. You won't be sorry!

#9. Comfy Clothes. This time, I am packing 3 pairs of comfy pants and 3 comfy shirts. Nursing bras and tanks should be packed along with your favorite granny panties and a sweater or sweatshirt that opens in the front so you have easy access to that delicious skin to skin contact.

Of course, that list leaves out some essentials. Don't forget:

your ID

insurance card

phone chargers

pre-filled out hospital forms



tooth brush and tooth paste


gum and hard candy for during labor

lanolin if you plan to nurse

nursing pads

sanitary pads


little gift for new siblings

blank "thank you" cards for a nurse that might just knock your socks off! :)

What kind of things am I forgetting, Mamas? I think I've finally mastered this list with baby number 3 but I can't wait to hear your suggestions!

We're down to single digits, just 9 days until our baby girl is due. Until she makes her debut, we're just going to be snuggled up and waiting for her! I'm pretty sure it hasn't hit Joey yet that he is about to be a big brother to 2 little girls and Penny... well she can't think about anything else and she can't keep her hands off her "mamas HUGE belly." She's been consistent about telling me that I have the biggest belly she has ever seen in her entire life. She's sweet like that! :)

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