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Back to School - Shop Local

With limited shopping options on the beach we are rounding up the best local stores for Back to School shopping! Knowing that our weather really won't change enough for a full wardrobe swap for another two months, I don't always see a huge need for a major Back to School clothing haul like I did when we were still Northern people! But, between the growth spurts that these kids have had lately and the Summer filled with memories, their current clothes are looking pretty ragged!

On the Outer Banks, shopping small and local is the way to go. With school starting next week (Insert mom happy dance here) I am breaking down some of our favorite local spots with a stop by our favorite shop on Hatteras after the rough Summer season that the island experienced.

For my big kid, hitting 8th grade this year we are looking for anything surf related and athletic apparel. And since being a mom to a teenager means that you absolutely have no idea what “cool” even means, I have deferred to Joey to let him shop for himself for just about the first time ever.

We started close to home at our favorite spots, WRV in Kitty Hawk and DVO in Duck. He was pretty excited to grab a few t-shirts at WRV including the new Outer Banks Pro 2017 event tshirt.

WRV is offering 20% off WRV brand clothing this weekend so it's a great time to grab those coveted white t-shirts that the kids need for P.E. They are stocked up on backpacks and they let your baby nap on the couch for basically we are all winning here!

DVO in Kill Devil Hills has a giant 50% off rack right now and all of their sandals are half off too!

Next we hit Secret Spot Surf Shop in Nags Head. We were loving some of the options down South since they carried different t-shirts than the Kitty Hawk and Duck stores that we frequent. Because you know if all the kids shop at the same local stores, they often have the same clothes. Small beach problems! ;) Hitting Nags Head and Hatteras gave him extra options that still feel local which was “cool.” I think I’m finally catching on to what the “cool” concept is all about!

Secret Spot is 20% to 70% off the entire store! Some things they are basically giving away!

We found some deals on Sperry’s for back to school at Sound Feet Shoes in Duck. He spends his Summer days barefoot on the beach or on the pier, so his shoes end up feeling a little bit weird on his feet going back into the school year. This makes the canvas Sperry’s and Sanuks are a great comfort option! Plus, they work well for the days that he is required to dress up for away soccer games.

Sound Feet Shoes has $10 off Sperry’s (and a few other brands too!) They are also offering $5 off all Vans!

Finally, we loved popping in on Hatteras Island Board Sports to grab a few new Hurley tees. Plus, by shopping down South you can grab lunch with your cute kiddos and beach-comb before heading back home.

Next up was our Penny girl. She heads back to school in a few weeks and since she is such a creature of comfort, I went with a few cute tops and shorts from WRV and My Little Sunshine for dresses and then snagged some playground shorts from the new-ish Carter’s outlet for underneath. Lately she loves trying on clothes in the fitting rooms!

She’s in one of the hardest age groups to shop local for here on the beach but we love the few things that we found for her! She was so excited about her new outfits from WRV that she wore one home from the store! And suddenly she looks like a teenager....

Finally, it’s this mamas turn. No, I'm not heading back to school but my kids are which means MOM’S SUMMER IS ON! So I grabbed a fresh beach cover up and new flip flops from DVO’s sandal sale in Kill Devil Hills because after running 2 businesses with 3 kids home for the Summer sale… I think I earned some retail therapy! ;) Cheers mamas, your turn to Summer!

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