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Heart of the Holiday

If you happened to catch my husband and I on HGTV last Summer then you heard me say, "The kitchen is the heart of our home" like ten thousand and fourteen times. Honestly, I said it so often during our filming process that I was basically terrified to see our episode for fear that someone was going to make one of those remix videos of me talking about the Heart-Heart-Heart of our Ho Ho Home. But honestly, our kitchen is the heart of our home. We cook, eat and hang out in the kitchen so our holiday table is a big deal to me. I look forward every single year to holiday decor for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year I broke out our Christmas tree early and as soon as I decked the halls I felt like Thanksgiving was an after-thought. If you read my last blog post though, you know that I felt like we just needed Christmas a little bit early this year so I knew I could find a way to transition my table from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Enter Mandy with Heart of Harlow! Basically, I told her my predicament and that I really wanted to tie the two holidays together this year. I'm not sure why I am so obsessed with black and white lately but I found this incredible buffalo plaid table runner and paired it with a craft paper roll. That's about as far as my vision went! Mandy layered the texture on with natural elements like magnolia seed pods from my yard and white mini pumpkins. I also thrifted some candle stick holders from the incredible yard sale last month with Renee Landry Events! Mandy and I spray painted them a matte black and added white candle sticks to finish the look.

This was easy enough that Mandy and I were able to set up while holding my sweet baby Eloise. Besides, we were both matching the table really... really well...

I LOVED our Thanksgiving look and I cannot wait to share it with family and friends in just a few days! However, nothing can hold a candle to the Christmas table that Mandy easily transitioned it to! This might be my favorite Christmas table of all time! I just love the greenery paired with the gold reindeer and white trees. I'll admit when she was picking up the mini white trees I was a little bit skeptical but it pulled the entire look together! Y'all... if you ever get the chance to hit up HomeGoods or TJMaxx with Mandy... do it! You won't be disappointed because her vision for the most subtle and understated pieces is unreal!

Sometimes I just like to casually sit at a table while my baby sleeps....while matching my table runner.... ;)

Finally, she added custom hand-lettered place cards to my table for a super personal touch that I know each of our guests will adore! She creates the most amazing things for your table or for that hard-to-shop-for person on your holiday list! You can contact Mandy at Heart of Harlow on her website! Thank you Mandy for making my table the HEART of the holidays!

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