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Christmas Crafty

Here on the Outer Banks our kiddos are gifted with a full two weeks off of school for their Winter holiday break. Don't get me wrong, I really do love having the kids home for a long break and I really love getting to stay in cozy sweatpants a little bit longer each morning but with limited indoor activities here on the beach going stir-crazy is a given. Insert crafting.

My little Penny is super creative and she honestly is happier and better behaved when she has a creative outlet each day. You might remember this post from our dollar tree ornaments that we made for grandparent gifts last year. She still talks about making those!

With the help of our friend and amazing pediatrician, Kellie, we are working on our salt ornaments this week too! Check out how amazing the ones that Kellie made turned out! We're sharing hers because ours will not be this impressive! These are unbelievable!

We're also going to work on making Play Snow (think Play Dough) and Pinecone Christmas tree ornaments! You can tag along on our Instagram stories all week to see the crafty goodness and messes unfold.

But one craft that we rocked out last week that we absolutely LOVE are these kitchen cabinet wreaths! We spent less that $5 on this entire project and we've been having so much fun dropping extra ones off to the post office and the fire department with home-baked goodies! They add the cutest little festive detail to our kitchen cabinets. We only did them on the upper cabinets and love the way they turned out!

To make these you will need:

Wired Garland, sold at Walmart for $1.96 for 25 feet

Red textured ribbon about 1-2 inches wide, sold at Walmart for less than $2

A glass bowl about 7-8inches in diameter.

Just wrap the garland twice around the edge of the glass bowl and cut off the garland roll. Next, twist the cut end of the garland where it meets the wreath to connect. Grab your ribbon and cut depending on the length that you want the wreath to hang and tie off on the top. The tie-off will be taped or hooked onto the inside of your cabinet door and the wreath will hang on the outside. I love that these are easy enough to make and that they will be used for a few years! You can even switch out the ribbon color to match your decor or decorate your wreaths with seashells, starfish or tiny ornaments and pinecones!

Finally, we brought home a TON of eucalyptus from our big wedding weekend in Ocean Isle last week and we've been putting together door and mailbox swag left and right. This house smells amazing!

I brought tons of it to the beach for styled shoots and my girl Mandy from Heart of Harlow captured this shot of me during set up... umm, Hi Mandy, you are a really really good photographer and I love ya.

What other Christmas crafts can you suggest for my little artist this week?


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