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The Top 5 Things That I Plan to Do During the OBX Snow Day!

School is officially closed tomorrow and we haven't even seen a snow flurry yet! Oh my heavens do I looooove the south! I'm telling ya, this is the way to live! :) Not only have I noticed many fellow Outer Banks mamas posting about our pending snow storm this week but I have talked to dozens of clients this week who have said to me, "Oh no! What do you do at the beach when it snows?" So of course, I am thinking the exact same thing here! What in the world can we do with kiddos after they just had an epic 17 days off of school for the holidays? 1.) First and foremost, we are going to play in the snow! It typically melts before noon and since its such a rare occurrence, we will be in layers upon layers of sweatshirts and making our best Olaf as soon as the sunrise wakes us up! Penny has major plans to get her big brother with a snowball fight! 2.) Can we walk or drive safely to Barrier Island Bagels? Because if so, we'll be indulging in a cinnamon burst bagel with cream cheese and I'll be telling that "New Years diet voice" in my head to pipe down! 3.) Fingers crossed that my hubby gets to head to work late (that's what happens in a coastal town during a rouge snow storm) and I will get to leave kiddos home with hot cocoa and go shoot some pictures of the beach with snow on it! I did this years ago and even though it was just a dusting, it's still one of my favorite things to see! (For like one day... and only one day... and then back to sunshine and seagulls... okay?!)

4.) Speaking of the seagulls... We love to make bird feeders in the winter months and our neighborhood birdies will be super happy when we hang some goodies in our big magnolia tree! 5.) Soup, soup and more soup! (And maybe a little laundry catch up... but we'll see!) I'm going to make a giant pot of shrimp tortilla soup because our NC shrimp has been SO delish this year! My kiddos are always in and out of the cold all day and soup is the perfect thing to thaw them out! I'll post that recipe soon! *PS- Is anyone else super excited for the new Publix Supermarket to open up? I love our little beach town in all seasons and that includes winter! I'll be the first to admit that snow was never my favorite thing when I was a northern girl... but snow days in the south are some of my favorite days! I love that the entire town shuts down and the schools close for days. I love that you'd be hard pressed to get anyone to deliver food or even have your doctors offices be open. It's like a freebie day of rest and I just love getting to snuggle in with my kiddos and warm coffee mugs! Hope everyone on the coast stays cozy warm and safe!


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