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Publix Spotlight!

In an 8.6 mile stretch we have 5 major grocery stores. FIVE! This is a little tiny sandbar with a ridiculous amount of grocery options! That number doesn't even include Winks, Stop N' Shop and our international food markets. If you ask me, the big chains need a little friendly competition around here! A few weeks ago I was at Harris Teeter in Kitty Hawk and couldn't find a single apple that wasn't bruised, moldy or wrinkled. Deflated, I walked to the strawberries and came across a carton of white, fluffy mold-covered strawberries. They were selling for $6.99. I mentioned it to the manager and he looked at me like I was a 7 year old complaining to him that my friend was being a meanie. Seriously, the guy could not have cared any less.

Our local Food Lions don't do anything to make you feel like they've gone the extra mile to earn your business. They're selling more affordable groceries but they come with far less organic options. I still find myself sifting through the produce to make sure I'm not buying pink romaine lettuce and that the peppers aren't soft. I'm telling you, our grocery stores have gotten way too comfortable.

Enter Publix! Y'all, I'm stoked. I wouldn't have ever thought that another grocery store in our 8.6 mile stretch would be a good thing, especially if they're going to build a new structure on our beautiful little sandbar! But sometime around the week that they started hanging the Publix sign, Food Lion started renovations and Harris Teeter upped their freshness game and I love that everyone is upping their grocery shopping game!

So this week is finally the week that Publix opens and I am so excited to share the full media tour. Here's the 4-1-1 on Publix!

Let’s talk store brands for a minute! Years ago when I started household budgeting for the entire family I noticed how much money I was wasting by purchasing the name brand things like paper towels and trash bags. I seriously love the Publix Premium brand and the quality is super competitive with the brand names at a fraction of the cost. My grocery cart will be filled with Publix Premium brands for sure.

Another exclusive brand to Publix is Greenwise! We’re so excited to have this option for things like fresh meats, cereals and even some frozen products. The difference in quality is incredible but the price difference is so small. Greenwise is committed to offering USDA organic products for most things and if that’s not available then they have a 70% organic ingredient list, products that are made without artificial ingredients and raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Even though they are the new-guy in town, Publix is committed to serve the community. They even gave a $5000 check to the Dare County Education Fund at the media opening this morning! They’re giving $5000 to the community before they have even sold their first product! Amazing!

I'm also LOVING the weekly specials and deals on baby products. In our house, these really add up so the "Buy Two and Save $7" deals and BOGO deals are huge! I really love that many of their baby product deals don't require me to clip a coupon because what mama has time to do that? Our little Lulu was loving her private tour of the store today!

Publix rolled out the red carpet this morning and had samples of so many popular products. I can't say a single negative thing about any of the products that we sampled. I love that they have so many "Grab and Go" products. From fresh soups, subs and fruit you are sure to find a great and affordable lunch on the go.

We were all blown away by the fresh sushi and the pride that the store took in their presentation and freshness. This sushi is going to be a go-to for my boys, I know it! They're both sushi obsessed!

We really loved all the prepared foods available too! Dinner prep in a jiffy and super fresh produce!

If you followed along on Instagram with me this morning you will see the amazing steak that they were serving up too! Publix is famous for sharing recipes in the store and you can download their app to create a grocery list with some of the recipes in mind. We had the chance to sample some of them this morning and the Chicken Creole is being added to my menu board asap!

Ok...finally... WINE. I got to see an amazing fellow-mama and friend, Sarah at the opening. She is the new Wine Specialist at Publix and will be hosting wine tastings weekly right in the store. The selection was amazing but the highlight was definitely the in-store wine chiller! Having the girls over for Bachelor night or throwing an impromptu dinner party with your neighbors? They can chill you a bottle (or bottles) of wine right in the store in minutes! Yes, please!

Fresh foods, great deals, discounted baby items, amazing staff, community give-backs, the cleanest store on the beach AND they're making the rest of the grocery stores up their game... Publix Kill Devil Hills, a total win! You can start shopping tomorrow at 7am!

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