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Kindness Rocks!

If there is one awesome way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the little ones, it’s with Kindness Rocks! We are absolutely loving the Outer Banks Rocks idea and we have been painting rocks left and right. Penny decided that she wanted to use some St. Patty’s Day colors and paint rocks to hide around town.

The idea of kindness rocks is spreading like wildfire! By painting rocks and hiding them within plain sight, people are reminded to be kind to one another when they see the rocks.

Is this something that people are doing in your town? When we were in Sanibel a little over a month ago we found out that they do Sanibel Shells with the same idea! Penny was over the moon when she found a painted shell.

I love that you can post a photo of the rock that you find on Facebook and the painter of the rock can potentially see who found it! I like reminders that the world is actually quite small! :)

Since the Outer Banks is so highly visited by tourists in the Summer, I just love the idea of vacationers bringing some painted rocks to the Outer Banks and leaving them to be found around the Outer Banks! The more the merrier! Will you bring rocks to hide this Summer with your kiddos?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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