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Friday Libations!

Happy Weekend, Mamas! And a fun weekend it is ahead with Cinco de Mayo and sunshine in the forecast! This is the perfect low-cal treat from Dasani Sparkling Water! If you're like me and love a good margarita but hate the sugar that they are filled with, this margarita is for you and it's sure to be a hit at your Cinco de Mayo celebration!

First things first, if you like salt on your margs then start with pouring salt on a flat surface and wetting the rim of your glass with a lime wedge. Dip the glass in the salt before filling it up with ice. I'm still on the crushed ice kick so I'm using crushed ice in my margarita but that choice is yours!

Next you're going to pour 1 oz. of blanco tequila into a shaker. It's important that your ice is in your glass and not in the shaker because you're going to be adding the sparkling water and it will cause too many bubbles.

Next, cut your orange into 4 even pieces and take 1 piece and squeeze it into the shaker until it's beginning to fall apart. Get all the juice! Slice the lime in half and and squeeze it in the same way into your shaker. Add 4 ounces of Dasani Lime Sparkling Water and shake it!

Pour over ice and add a lime or orange wedge and enjoy! This is a super light and refreshing margarita and the more fruit you squeeze into it, the better! You can also make these by the pitcher-full if you are hosting this weekend. Just quadruple the recipe by using the full can of Dasani Lime, the full orange and two limes! Easy, peasy! You can also add another flavor if flavored margaritas are your jam! I'm a raspberry margarita fan myself so I muddled some raspberries and voila! Perfection! CHEERS, MAMAS! It's Friday! I hope your weekend is filled with the little ones that you love, ocean breezes and a cold drink at sunset!

xoxo - Audra

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