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Gratefulness on Friday.

Distant thunderstorms late last night and the steady light-rain means that our family all slept great last night and we're up early and heading out to the 11th annual KidFest on Roanoke Island this morning. This is one of our favorite activities so if you're looking for something awesome to do this morning, make sure to head down to Festival Park and enjoy this FREE event with us, put on by the Children & Youth Partnership for Dare County. Yesterday I overheard a conversation between two mamas about how difficult Motherhood is. This conversation was taking place right in front of their children and while I'm guilty of doing the same exact thing from time to time, I had an outsiders look at it this time and it stung a little bit. Motherhood IS hard but it's the most precious gift I have been given! I don't want my kiddos to every remember how hard I struggled to raise them. And ohhh do I struggle! Each and every single day... but I want my children to remember that I was grateful for their tininess and their innocence. I want them to remember that we played and we played well. I want them to remember that I was grateful that I got to pick them up and drop them off, sometimes more times per day than I can even count! I want my children to remember that I loved every minute of this crazy life and that there is nothing that I am more grateful to be than their mama. So today, on the kickoff of Mother's Day Weekend (it really should be a full weekend) and on this beautiful KidFest morning, I'm choosing to be grateful for ALL of the madness that is about to ensue because gratefulness is, in fact, a choice!

This morning I am grateful:

-That my Penny is finding joy in the simple things like finding a heart shaped seashell or a tiny coral colored rock on the beach.

-That Joey is such a strong swimmer and has good, honest and kind friends to share beach days with but that he will still request that I swim in the ocean with him on occasion.

-That our Lulu has finally stopped eating the sand and seems to be a little fish, just like her big brother.

-That warm weather is on the horizon all weekend long!

-For my very own personal pack-mule who carries 75% of what we need when we walk out to the beach and that he is strong enough to do it all with ease. Real grateful that he is easy on the eyes, too. (Peep those designer beach bags...99 cent bags from TJMaxx, holla!!!)

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