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Cori Riddle - Outer Banks Mom Spotlight

We’re celebrating the incredible Mom’s here on the Outer Banks and day two of our Outer Banks Mom Spotlight series is shining on the beautiful and incredibly intelligent Cori Riddle!

The Outer Banks community was fortunate enough to have Cori make Southern Shores her home in 1998 and over the past 20 years she has truly blessed this community with her big heart and willingness to help others! When her youngest was still just a toddler she served on the board for the Dare County Children and Youth Partnership and worked hard to to use her marketing company to launch the Imagination Library right here in Dare County! Her contributions to our local community are still on-going with this program on a daily basis!

Cori is an incredible boss-babe who works hard to make sure that other local businesses succeed. As a share-holder with local printing company, Bizport OBX Cori was instrumental in bringing high quality printing services to Kill Devil Hills. Cori also owns Elite Media Agency where she tirelessly assists local businesses with their marketing and advertising needs. I can honestly say that I have watched her wheels turn and she can make magic happen overnight!

But the real magic occurs in the beautiful way that she mothers her daughter Cameran, 13 and her step-daughter Lauren, 17. With a big big love and one of the strongest bonds imaginable, Cori could write the book on parenting! Just about every single parenting book that I have ever read encourages us to make dinner with our family a priority. Cori will tell you that dinner time with her husband and their girls is her favorite time of the day, especially as the girls get older and prepare for college.

I’ve never met someone who so beautifully loves not only her own children but the friends of her children too!

Cori says, "I love that our children are all growing up together, we know basically everyone's parents and we all watch out for each other's children like they are our own. The sense of community and the family network we have here just amazes me.”

And she’s right, being a mom here on the Outer Banks truly is a unique experience and one that I am honored to share with her!

When given the rare chance to unwind and spend some time relaxing you can find her with a tribe of girlfriends that lift each other up and inspire one another. A girl after my own heart, she would choose the soundside over the oceanside for a day on the water before heading to Rundown Cafe for a Poke Bowl. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect day, I don’t know what does! Table for two, please!

I asked Cori what she would want Outer Banks vacationers to know and she said, “There are so many hidden places to enjoy a soundside sunset, explore and find them!”

I can honestly tell you that Cori works relentlessly to breathe new ideas into the Outer Banks community because she loves to watch others succeed both in business and in motherhood. She radiates goodness and love with a beautiful golden aura, and I promise, it’s not just her beautiful blonde hair that gives her this glow! Her charisma will draw you in but her heart will make you want to stay! Check out Elite Media Agency on Facebook!

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