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Beach Ready Kids - Start with Beach Books!

If you happened to catch our Community Contributor Post from THE Kellie Flock over a year ago, then you know that the beach is an amazing place for the growth and development of a child. At any age, the shore provides "auditory, vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile stimulation like no other,” as Kellie puts it!

But, with all of that goodness there is tons of room for fear and anxiety and hopefully a little curiosity too! I know that my own children have had moments where they aren’t comfortable around the ocean or the sand just feels icky. Even as a grown adult, I feel incredibly small near the sea.

Whether you are a year-round beach mama or planning a vacation for your family, it’s so easy to neutralize the many emotions that your child may feel about the beach. Reading books has always been our number 1 way to start hard conversations with our children so we’ve rounded up our favorite beach reads for kids under age 8!

ALL of these books are Penny approved and are easily found at The Island Bookstore right here on the Outer Banks! This little bookstore is a serious diamond in the rough here on the beach. We spent our Sunday exploring the shelves and we have a super long wish list of new books!

The Sandcastle That Lola Built - We love this book because it tells the story of a girl who attempts to rebuild a sandcastle time after time while making NEW friends along the way.

Pete the Cat Series: Pete at the Beach - Pete the Cat is our FAVORITE cat! His day at the beach teaches us about facing our fears in true Pete fashion!

Just Grandma & Me - In our house, Grandma is REALLY important so any book that focuses on a new experience with extended family is top-notch in our book!

Llama Llama Sand & Sun - This touch and feel cardboard book is great for preparing for the beach and remembering the sensations of the different textures at the shore.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell - A witty way to remember all of the beachy things that come into play, this series always makes us laugh!

Ladybug Girl at the Beach - Lulu turns into Ladybug Girl when she faces her fears and finally enjoys the ocean. We love the superhero vibe in this book but really, they had us at Lulu! ;)

Hello Ocean - The lifelike illustrations of this book will blow you away but the way that it teaches little ones about their senses opens up endless conversation points!

If you're here on the Outer Banks or planning your vacation, make sure to check out the Island Bookstore. Something about this amazing store makes us want to put down roots and stay forever. Our favorite location is in Kitty Hawk but you can find their sister locations in Duck and Corolla! Grab a good book and one of your favorite little ones and dive in!

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