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Date Like You're on Vacation - The Lost Colony

Have you ever heard someone say that there isn’t anything to do on the Outer Banks? I hear it all the time, people get bored here! It’s kind of mind boggling to me because we truly have so much to do that sometimes I don’t know how we will fit it all in. Jason and I have recently been discussing just how amazing life on the Outer Banks is and how we need to sneak in more date nights to enjoy it all! So, I present to you the first page of our Summer series: Date Like You’re on Vacation!

After all of our years here on the Outer Banks, Jason and I had never seen The Lost Colony. So when we had the opportunity for a date night last night and noticed that it was preview night of the 2018 season, we jumped at the chance.

The Lost Colony is the Outer Banks #1 Attraction and completely lived up to the hype! The acting and production was absolutely phenomenal. Jason and I especially loved the comical monologues of Old Drunk Tom... imagine that! ;)

Of course, my favorite character was the strong and dignified Eleanor Dare. You know, Outer Banks Mom to Outer Banks Mom we obviously had a serious connection!

In its 81st year of production, the story of English settlers was brought to life right before our eyes. Jason and I drifted off to sleep last night talking about how perfect the sound and special effects were. The burning girl scene was epic! That’s certainly not an easy task in an outdoor theater and we were blown away! How’s that for pillow talk?

Side note: you really do get two shows in one! All you have to do is look up during intermission for the most beautiful stargazing imaginable.

Be sure to check out The Lost Colony on Roanoke Island in historic Fort Raleigh! You won’t be disappointed! This date night was a 10 out of 10! Special thanks to PNC Bank for sponsoring the 2018 season, this show cannot be missed!

Our thoughts on dating like we're on vacation:

I loved: the break from “mom-ing” and spending time alone with the guy who still gives me butterflies.

He loved: getting to break out the old yawn and stretch to put his arm around me and cheap snacks at the concession stand! My man loves a bargain!

Notice he's salty and I'm sweet ;)

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