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Weekend Recap - Feel It Still

When you live where people vacation, it’s hard to break away and actually take a vacation for yourself. We are so blessed to have beautiful beaches, warm waves and an abundance of sunshine to enjoy each and every day. But like any place, your day to day life seems to take over and the stress builds up and taking a vacation from vacationland is so needed.

Here on the Outer Banks we have beaches to the North that are absolutely breathtaking and beaches to the South that make you feel like you’re in a Nickolas Sparks novel. Each tiny Outer Banks town offers something brand new and fresh so sometimes vacationing right here at home offers a perfect getaway!

This weekend we started as far South as we could go and had the best time on Ocracoke Island. We spent our weekend in an awesome RV that we rented through Outdoorsy. We were able to rent it from a local family and our pick up and drop off was easy as pie! I highly recommend them, they walk you through the process and that really made me feel like we were renting something in a safe way.

We spent most of our time beaching it just over the dune from our campground but Ocracoke is just too cute not to spend as much time as possible in the heart of the town. We loved getting pizza and spending some time at the gorgeous marina but our favorite part of the weekend was the perfect ocean temperature. Our kiddos spent the majority of their time in the ocean and they all slept so well at night. We truly had a great getaway! We came home with life lessons, some minor bumps and bruises and a memory bank filled to the brim! You know the kind of memories that you can still "feel" for years to come? That's what you can expect on Ocracoke Island. From watching kids catch their first wave of the season, baby snuggles that make the time stand still and laughing til your stomach hurts...

Ocracoke Island truly is the perfect Vacation at Home! Take a look at my Facebook Page for the full video of our adventure weekend!


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