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Sunshine Craft - Walking Sticks

School is officially out for the Summer and Penny has turned to decorating the entire house with her creations. I absolutely love her creativity and her need to be constantly doing something but sometimes the art projects start to cover every inch of our home! I can't bring myself to throw much of anything away either so we're filling an obscene amount of wall space and plastic storage containers with her artwork!

With a long Summer ahead of us, I'm using our time together to help her create useful art projects and decor for her own special space. We're also taking the time to do the art projects outside to help eliminate some of the artistic messes. During our sunshine crafts we are also trying to incorporate some Spanish to prepare her for her kindergarten curriculum. I love our time to create together because she either talks to me non-stop or spends it in complete silence while she concentrates. She truly is my mini-me.

This week we worked on creating a walking stick.

To get started, find a stick somewhere in your yard. Next, use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface. We used acrylic paint in a wide-range of colors and worked our way from our own ends to meet in the middle. Much like we do our mom-daughter game! ;)

We loved this craft because it is super cheap, functional and looks precious on our porch propped against the corner. Most of all, we spent time together making it and then had the BEST day using it to hike around Jockey's Ridge.

This craft is the perfect thing to do with your little ones! Whether you're a local or on vacation, a good walking stick is perfect for a walk on the beach! We're so lucky to have my Mama here on the beach to make these memories with!

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