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Gratefulness on a Friday

When you live on the Outer Banks, there certainly isn't any shortage of things to be grateful for. Between the beautiful beaches, amazing weather and a truly simple lifestyle, I honestly think that I have it made most days. But the truth is that the first two weeks of June completely rock me to the core. Let me back up a little bit.

For anyone that doesn't know, I am a wedding and portrait photographer here on the Outer Banks. I own a high-volume portrait company with one of my most treasured friends, Katie. We honestly work our tushies off from Memorial Day until Labor Day and it is exhausting. We're up before the sun to catch beautiful sunrise portraits and we're capturing golden hour lighting around sunset and before the Summer is over, we will have captured about 800 family portraits... and we LOVE it. Both Katie and I feel like we have the most rewarding and incredible job because we get to capture the most important thing in the world, love! So why do these first two weeks of June have such an effect on me?

We truly go from shooting a few sessions a week during the last week of May to working 70 hour weeks the rest of the summer and it's a huge challenge for our husbands, children and our child-caregivers. We're also spending many of those hours working from home while tending to our little ones needs. Like so many Outer Banks moms, we're still trying to figure out a way to have it all... career and family in the perfect balance. Wait... do we have to worry about the perfect tan too? ;)

Despite coming off of working 50 hours in the past 5 days, I am so grateful on this Friday morning. I woke up to the sweetest little whisper in my ear as Penny made her first request of the day which was of course, swimming with one of her best gals! And I actually have the time to take her on this sunshiny Friday!

I'm incredibly grateful for the sweet guy that I get to share my life and my parenting journey with for picking up my slack when the busy season is upon us. Oh, and he looks so good doing it.

My heart is so full after an incredible meeting last night with a dear friend that has led to new inspiration and ideas and I am taking all of that goodness into next week with me!

I'm beyond grateful that our Outer Banks tourists are back and that they choose to spend their vacation time here.

Mostly, I'm grateful for my beautiful mama who takes incredible care of our kiddos while this mama works. I honestly couldn't do what I do without her.

Despite my exhaustion, the excess traffic and the raise in grocery store pricing, I am still so grateful that I get to do my life here on the Outer Banks and the vacation industry is the exact reason that I get to do so! So while I might be exhausted because of all of the work that this industry brings, I am choosing a grateful heart over and over.

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