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Jumping into Fun!

Yesterday we had a first look at Jumpmasters Trampoline Park in Manteo. Since the announcement of the business a few months ago, my kids have been so excited! Truth be told, I’ve been super excited too! For me, it’s hard to find something that all of my kids are excited about because with a toddler, a kindergartener and a high-schooler, it’s usually a losing battle to find common ground. With Jumpmasters, we have a winner! I cannot wait to start planning playdates at the trampoline park!

This place is epic! It’s so awesome to have a new, well-run place to take our kids. From a rainy day playdate or a place to take the kids during their 2 week annual winter break and even birthday parties, having another option for indoor play has been needed here for years! Obviously it’s immaculately clean which is a huge perk in my book!

Joey was the most excited about the dodgeball area. He had a few close friends join him and they were quite literately, bouncing off the walls!

I even challenged him to a little game of "chicken" and obviously you can guess who won...

Between all of this and the synchronized backflipping, the teenagers had the best time!

Penny’s favorite part was jumping from trampoline to trampoline and making her best “starfish.” She loved trying little kicks here and there too and I can’t wait to see her get a little bit more confidence to try the balance beam and rock climbing wall as she gets more familiar with the place!

Little Lulu is going to be a toddler time regular! She was beaming from ear to ear as she lightly bounced and held on tightly to my hands. I love that they have special hours for the little jumpers!

Here’s what you need to know about Jumpmasters:

1.) The GRAND OPENING is scheduled for this Saturday and you won’t want to miss it! It’s going to be an epic day and so many local companies have come together to renovate and bring this amazing place together! Head out and celebrate them all!

2.) If you can fill out the waiver online before you arrive you will save a bit of time. With kids who are excited and ready to start the fun, this is an awesome option!

3.) If you have little jumpers, you can enjoy toddler time with them each morning from 9-11am.

4.) You’ll buy socks that are specifically worn for safety. You can bring them back each time so hang on to them after your jump session! No need to worry if your beach kid arrives barefoot…they have you covered!

5.) You can stay and enjoy snacks and drinks in the lounge area after your jump session so there’s no need to ride home with hungry kids! This is always a game changer for my crew!

I think the BIGGEST thing that everyone needs to know is that this is owned and operated by a super sweet family that lives right here on the Outer Banks! We love supporting local families when we are dining and entertaining our family so having another local option is so awesome. Head on in to check out Jumpmasters and get airborne during opening week! You won’t regret it!

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