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Seasonal Saturdays

Saturday’s on the Outer Banks are my favorite. Not because they are typically filled with family and friends or because I have a little more time “off” than the other days of the week, though those reasons are great in their own right! But because OBX Saturday’s are CHECK IN DAY! That means that 120,000+ people are coming to our beaches for a week of hard earned relaxation and priceless memories. I love people watching on the beach as families park their cars because they’re too early to check into their beach houses. They will walk out onto the beach still in socks and shoes, sometimes kids in pjs from the car trip just to catch the first glimpse of the ocean. I love seeing all of that excitement and joy as they wiggle toes in the sand and breathe a sigh of relief to be out of the car for a few minutes. It also means that people are saying goodbye to the beach before driving home, usually for an entire year. On Saturday’s the Outer Banks is packed with double tourists as those that are arriving drive on and those that are leaving drive off, everyone just trying to grab that first look at the ocean or grab one more keepsake before they go. I remember the feeling of arriving here when I vacationed here with my family. The smell of the salty air and the way the ocean felt when it hit the legs of my own pj pants on check in day when I was 10... memories I try to hold onto. I’m forever grateful that I completely forget what it feels like to have to leave the Outer Banks at the end of the week... forever grateful for the people who come here and support the small businesses like mine that make our life on the beach possible. Happy Saturday!

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