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The Rundown Cafe, Celebrating 25 Years and 25 Reasons Why You'll Love Them!

When we first started our list for the Outer Banks Mom Approved program, we knew that The Rundown Cafe would be at the top! This invitation only partnership requires that a restaurant be locally owned and lovingly cater to families!

I can honestly remember when we first moved here and I received my first paycheck. I had asked my then co-worker, Ryan, if he could recommend a great place to eat in Kitty Hawk for my husband and our son. He quickly suggested The Rundown Cafe and from that point on, we were hooked! We sat outside on the Hula Deck and had an awesome meal together.

Since then we have had so many great experiences here with our family and friends, especially on that same beautiful Hula Deck enjoying music and the ocean breeze. The Rundown Cafe is Outer Banks Mom Approved because they truly do enjoy having families dine with them. They are great with the kids and love seeing the little ones dancing to the music on the deck and feeding the koi fish by the pond. Additionally, they offer a great kids menu and an atmosphere that your noisy toddler can easily fit into! What could be better than honest kid-friendly entertainment while you wait for your meal? We're grateful to have such a fantastic local business in the heart of Kitty Hawk so that our family has a great place to experience together! Rightfully so, they are celebrating 25 years this year so in honor of their milestone, we easily came up with a list of 25 reasons why we LOVE The Rundown Cafe!

25 Things We LOVE About The Rundown Cafe

1. The vibe! When you’re here, you’re family and you can genuinely tell that the staff is glad you have arrived!

2. One of the only dining options with an ocean view on the Outer Banks

3. The hit recipes are collected from all over the Pacific Rim Islands

4. Dozens of Koi fish can be fed outside of the restaurant in a state of the art pond that doubles as a really fun attraction for the family, bring quarters!

5. Chilled Noodle Bowls that even make dining during a heatwave enjoyable

6. Sunday Bloody Mary’s at the Tsunami Bar can substitute as a meal.

7. Live music nightly on the hula deck for spontaneous dance parties

8. The owner, Michael is often found running food to tables and checking in with guests to make sure they are having a great experience!

9. The Poke Bowl is so fresh that you’d swear you’re on the boat.

10. Adding jerk spice to the veggie burger… so amazing!

11. Their kids menu is listed on the regular menu, eliminating the wasted paper and they still give the kids a super fun tablet to draw on!

12. Amazing daily specials can be found on the website or by calling the restaurant directly.

13. Great new merchandise is available in the entryway.

14. There’s a secret ingredient in their guacamole…

15. Healthy salad choices with tons of flavor

16. Surfing videos on the tvs allow you to relax and unwind while you enjoy a great meal.

17. Local art and surfboards decorate the restaurant from floor to ceiling.

18. Hand carved tiki decor was made by a local artist, Jay Bowman.

19. The restaurant name comes from a Jamaican soup!

20. Private parties can be held at the Tsunami Bar in the off season.

21. The zesty pineapple sauce on the cocoloco chicken sandwich will have you craving it again and again, trust me!

22. Steamed veggies and shrimp by the half pound are the freshest and most flavorful around and our kiddos can’t get enough!

23. Fried Chicken Night debuts in the Fall and is a local favorite!

24. No one will look at you sideways when you order Crack Dip, it’s that good!

25.The Myers Rum Caramel Sauce on the Pineapple Upside Down Cake makes you savor every last bite.

We promise, you guys are going to LOVE it at The Rundown Cafe in Kitty Hawk!

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