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OBX Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt!

It's STILL raining on the Outer Banks and if this if your vacation week, you're likely losing your marbles like those of us that live here. Though the rain is still persisting today and it doesn't make for an ideal family vacation week, you can still create the memories that you were hoping to with your little ones!

Of course, you can hit up some of our favorite rainy day activities here on the Outer Banks but if you're still craving the salty Outer Banks air, we have a super fun OBX scavenger hunt that is specifically catered for a rainy day at the beach! You can break off into teams or tag along with your little one while they hunt for these 8 things! 1. Find a puddle! Extra point if you make a BIG splash!

2. Find a red or yellow flower.

3. Find your reflection or your teammates reflection in a big puddle.

4. A super secret hiding spot that provides some shelter from the rain. Sidenote: use caution if lighting is in the area.

5. BONUS: Get two points if you find a FROG!

6. A seashell filled with rain or ocean water.

7. Something that is floating in a puddle.

8. BONUS: Get three points if you find a RAINBOW!

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