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Outer Banks Mom Approved: The Black Pelican Seafood Company

It might seem easy to find a restaurant that has a kids menu. You can easily find a place that welcomes kids, too. The true challenge is finding a high quality restaurant that serves children well. When you’re on vacation and you have a special occasion to celebrate it can feel a little bit daunting to know a great place to take the kids so that they can be included in the celebration. Maybe you’re just looking for a great night out and you want top of the line food. Look no further than The Black Pelican Seafood Company in Kitty Hawk. Perfectly located on the beach road, you can smell the salt air the moment you open your car door.

We love the Black Pelican Seafood Company so much that we have dubbed it our very own “Special Occasion” spot! We have had so many family celebrations here that it has become our tradition for baby dedication luncheons and anniversary dinners, alike! Sure, the food is consistent and the service is incredible! But we love the Black Pelican because it is plain to see that they truly care about what they put on their plate and they truly care about the folks that they are serving. It's even easier to see why dining at The Black Pelican has become a tradition in our family.

I’m going to humble brag on my Mom for a minute. If she were a restaurant on the Outer Banks, she would sit at the top of the Outer Banks Mom Approved list. With busy Summer schedules for our family businesses it is difficult to find childcare that suits our needs. My mom recognized this need years ago and moved from the Charlotte, North Carolina area specifically to be here when her grandchildren and I needed her. She is an angel from heaven and we are so grateful for the love and care that she provides. Each year at the end of the Summer, we like to treat her to a delicious dinner out as a small token of our appreciation. We often find ourselves at the Black Pelican and this year wasn’t any different! Minutes after we ordered our Rockfish and Crab Dip it was set on our table and it's such a crowd pleaser that it's become a part of the Black Pelican tradition for us. Even though this was Eloise's first time tasting it she was instantly hooked!

As usual, my mom still found a way to bring a big smile to everyones face and asked the girls to accompany her to the amazing gift shop located within the restaurant. They love shopping with grandma so of course, they jumped at the chance.

We all had a good laugh when our oldest said he wasn't "that hungry" but ended up ordering the prime rib and eating every last morsel. Teenagers are crazy! Am I right?

By the time that she brought the girls back to the table our food was arriving and we all enjoyed a delicious meal together. We love the Black Pelican and it is truly so nice to have a restaurant near us that makes a celebration dinner so easy to do with the kids in tow.

Our food was absolutely perfect as usual and the girls loved sharing their meals with the new toys that Grandma gifted to them. As per usual, my mom helped each of them find a toy that brings so much joy!

After dinner, we decided to walk across the street and enjoy the beach. Since the kids meals at the Black Pelican are served on frisbees, Penny was desperately wanting to try hers out with her big bro! Within minutes, all of the kids were in the water in their dress clothes! You just can’t keep a moth from a flame. :)

This is a family tradition that I plan on keeping! The Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk is Outer Banks Mom Approved because when you're there, you're FAMILY!

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