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Rooster's Southern Kitchen has a table waiting for you...

When you live on the Outer Banks, your home often looks like a small hotel during the summer months. Our door is constantly opening to visitors, overnight guests and week long family members who come to enjoy some time at the beach. While we love having company, it can sometimes feel a little bit daunting to cook and feed extra people during our busiest season.

Earlier this month we had our sweet nephews and my sister and brother in law in town to celebrate the multiple Summer birthdays in our family. We had the best long weekend with them and on their final night we decided to head out for a boat ride. Just minutes before we were set to leave the house our boat reservation was canceled due to a pending storm, so we were back to square one for an evening activity.

We decided that since we were celebrating birthdays, we would enjoy a nice dinner out. Of course, with more children than adults in a group, finding a restaurant for a celebration can be tough. It was a Saturday night on the Outer Banks and as excited as we were for dinner, we were also a little bit hesitant because we knew that anywhere that we went we would have a long wait for a table while trying to entertain kids. I quickly remembered a conversation that I had with a bartender at Roosters Southern Kitchen during one of their Whiskey + Tapas nights. He had mentioned that they accepted reservations and loved serving large groups so I took a chance on trying to get a reservation for the same night.

The voice on the other end of the phone was so pleasant and took our last minute reservation. Less than an hour later we were walking into the restaurant and found a beautiful table waiting for us. We loved that the kids could sit at one end and the adults could take the other end and actually enjoy an adult conversation while the kids were engaged in the coloring sheets. Our server was incredible and encouraged all of their coloring and creativity. The kids were happy, we were happy!

We ordered cocktails and appetizers and the menu truly had something for everyone! My sister and brother in law are “foodies” and ordered fried pickles and OBX Shark Bites. We ordered a cup of their Crab + Corn Chowder and Cheerwine wings.

We enjoyed taking dinner a little bit slower and waited until we were nearly done with our appetizers to place our order. Our server was so patient with us and we didn’t feel like she was rushing us to flip the table over for the Saturday night rush. Having this time to relax with family without feeling rushed meant so much to us!

Our entree selections were all over the board and everyone was thrilled with their choices. I ordered the filet and it was better than any steak I’ve had at local steakhouses! Y’all can go ahead and quote me on that! Next time we’re heading out for a steak dinner, Rooster’s will be at the top of our list!

The kids were all thrilled with their meals and ended up sharing their side dishes so they all got to taste a few extra sides. I loved that they had healthy options available for kids along with the usual favorites like chicken tenders.

Of course since we were celebrating birthdays, dessert was non-negotiable! We were so grateful that the waitstaff came out to sing Happy Birthday to our nephews because I’m a firm believer that making a big deal out of the birthday song is one of the most joyful moments in a little ones life!

Had it not been for Roosters call ahead dining and reservation policy, I don’t know if we would have been able to dine out at all. Call ahead seating is nearly unheard of on the Outer Banks so this makes such a huge difference!

We’re proud to have Roosters Southern Kitchen as a part of the Outer Banks Mom Approved program because of their amazing service, fabulous food and because the owners are salt of the earth, good good people! Be sure to check out Rooster’s for your next night out!

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