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Outer Banks Mom Approved: Two Roads Tavern Off Season Specials

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! This Fall has flown by and I am so excited to get into the kitchen with my family and put together our favorite meal. We love Thanksgiving and honestly, we don’t reserve this meal for once a year! We often make more than one turkey feast in November. Weird, right? But we love to cook and try new recipes so it’s always changing! But as much as we love to cook... Is there anything more daunting than cooking the night before Thanksgiving? With all the prep and shopping, the last thing I want to do is cook dinner tonight!

Enter Two Roads Tavern! Y’all, I have been craving their burgers this pregnancy and luck has been on my side. Wednesday is 1/2 price burger night at Two Roads during the off season and I’ve been indulging! Two Roads Tavern is locally owned and they make it so easy to dine out with kids. Probably because the owners have their own children so they know what it takes to enjoy a meal in a restaurant! Their food is delicious and we have always had awesome service. The girls were barely done coloring their menus and our food was already hitting the table. The girls each ordered chicken tenders and fries which they loved. Jason went with his fave, the chicken brine! I had to hold back from stealing a bite! Joey snagged this amazing steak wraps on special and loved it!

This is the Sounds Good burger with jalapeños, an onion ring, bbq sauce and fried egg. If that doesn’t satisfy a burger craving, I don’t know what will! Their amazing burgers are 1/2 on Wednesday’s from 5-9pm but they have great specials all week long!

Monday- 1/2 off Chicken Brine Tuesday- 1/2 off sliders and liquor Wednesday - 1/2 off burgers Thursday - 1/2 price drafts All of these specials are available from 5-9pm making weeknight dinners with the family easy as can be! Especially on nights like tonight when cooking is the last thing you want to do! Happy Thanksgiving! We’re extra thankful for OBX restaurant owners who make eating out with kids easy and affordable and for this salty life by the sea.

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