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Freebies for Mom!

While the mom in your life likely deserves heaps of thoughtful gifts and a day that gives her a perfect balance between family and free-time, let’s face it... this year is a little different. There aren’t any boujee restaurants with Mother’s Day brunch options and you can’t wait until the day before to grab a spa certificate this year either. This year might take a little more planning and to be honest, this is the year that you really don’t want to forget because most moms (parents) have been doing more than ever before! You also might be a little short on cold hard cash these days with all of the furloughs and layoffs. Here’s 5 free or cheap ideas that will leave mom feeling refreshed and appreciated!

  1. Plan for a socially distant gathering with her besties. Pack a little cooler for her with her favorite snack, a Bluetooth speaker and a delicious libation and send her out for some alone time.

  2. A homemade meal. You plan, shop, cook and do the dishes too!

  3. Takeover chores for the week! Step it up and give mama the week off of her typical tasks.

  4. A good old fashioned coupon book with a car wash, vacuuming the steps and putting clean sheets on the bed. Include all the little duties that mom likes the least.

  5. Make her something! No, not a homemade card. Make her something useful like an outdoor chair, a butcher block cutting board or flower planters. Pinterest is your friend! Note: zero crayons are involved in good crafts. Keep that in mind.

Don't let Mother's Day go by without some effort. Let's face it, you have plenty of time to think about a great way to make mom feel appreciated this year whether you're a big spender or pinching pennies!


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