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GIFT GUIDES ARE HERE! So many emails about these the last few weeks. I love making them but I hesitate to share until after Thanksgiving! Here are my top picks for Hers, His, Teen Girl, Teen Boy, Girls, Boys, Toddlers, Outside Play and Beach Lovers! Nine categories this year!


Cutting Board

Perfect for dressing up a girls night in or a romantic date night at home. Just add snacks and champagne!


I have this pair and practically live in them.

Gold Hoop Earrings

I love this simple, clean look. So light weight, dress up or dress down!

Plant stand with house plant

A girlfriend gave me a gorgeous house plant for my birthday this year and it’s one of my most favorite gifts I’ve ever received. This pot and stand is gorgeous and you can pick up a plant at your local garden center.


I’m reading this now and the perspective is amazing. My mood changes as soon as I start reading! Plus, Matthew McConaughey 😍

Leather bag from Free People

I love the style of this bag. It’s uniqueness makes it the perfect gift with a little wow factor.

Cute Earrings

Obsessed with these. I mean, eventually we will have somewhere to go... right?


These ones have noise canceling. Basically a must for all moms 😉



This robe is so soft. Perfect for the lazy Saturday or a super professional work from home look.


When you don’t have to leave the house so often, it’s important to call these “house shoes.”

Q: Did you get dressed today?

A: Yes, I even put on my house shoes.

Ice Mule Cooler

Y’all know how we feel about our Ice Mule Coolers. This is an awesome deal and these coolers keep everything cold for a full day at the beach or wherever your adventure takes you.

Portable Charger

We have several of these for Hurricane power outages but I insist on keeping one in the glove box of every vehicle too.

Whiskey Wedge Glass

Take’s the “wedge off.” See what I did there? 🙃

DIY Sushi Kit

Love this kit! We love to try new recipes so this opens up a world of possibilities.

NEXT UP IS TEENS! See the next blog post! <3

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