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Here for the Fall

The internet is overflowing with pumpkin spice and fire pits... but this weeks temperatures gave us summer vibes! ☀️🌊 High 70's and an abundance of sunshine is what the fall is all about on the OBX!

This year has been incredibly busy and where our "season" would normally end a few weeks after Labor Day, this year it has carried on and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

Not going to lie, I’m tired! After a full summer of 60-70 hour weeks, we love having the fall to relax and spend time as a family. As business owners it is really hard to find the right balance when the phones are still ringing off the hook. While I am so grateful for extra business this year, especially since we lost our spring season due to the bridge closure, the transition has been so heavy! It is difficult to transition to a fall filled with clients and try to find a balance with the remote learning and family life, too. But we are finally finding a groove in the remote learning department!

My first and favorite job is wife and mom and I don’t want to miss out on how important the fall is here on the Outer Banks! The fall on the Outer Banks is for rest and self care and rejuvenation of the mind so that we can continue to serve our clients well during our busy season. We're trying to find a groove of resting and self care while raising 4 beach kids... I'll let you know if we ever find it! ;)

Lulu and Marigold have been extra cute together lately and pretty much any game of tag or chase makes Marigold laugh so hard and so loud. Spending time with family will never be the wrong decision! I wish this picture had sound! 💓


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