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Long Live (Virtual) Gala Season

Winter on the Outer Banks is really a time when I struggle with what to blog or share on social media. In January, it is cold and sometimes dreary with gray skies. The wind is intense and my beach walks are short lived. Not to mention, local events stop almost completely with the exception of local galas. With COVID, events that would normally fill my feed are canceled or they have gone virtual. Let's all pour a little out for gala season... Y'all know I love a non-profit!

Last years Outer Banks Hospital Gala was absolutely amazing. It landed on my husband's birthday and we dressed up just 3 weeks after baby Marigold was born and had a wonderful time. This year, the OBH gala has gone VIRTUAL! You can snag an amazing 5 course meal, flowers and wine this Valentine's Day weekend and it all supports the Outer Banks Hospital Cancer Center. After this year, our local hospital deserves all of the support we can give them. Check out the Facebook event here! Side note to the folks who love someone... this is truly the best and easiest Valentine's Day date you can bring home!

A FIVE course Italian meal, wine, flowers... in the comfort of your home.

Not to mention, you're supporting an incredible local cause.

You can also support the new Cancer Center fund with an amazing raffle. For a $20 ticket, you'll be entered into an drawing with some pretty rad prizes!

There's lots of virtual fun to be had this gala season! So stay tuned to see how you can support other local non profits... past photos for nostalgia sake! From the roaring 20's for local music programs to formal wear for the March of Dimes... I'll be sharing the virtual events so we can keep these amazing non-profits going! Check out my Instagram for up to date info!


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