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Oh, You Wrote a Book. Cool.

If you’re following along via social media, you may know that I recently shared that I finished writing my first book. It was probably the most nerve-racking post that I’ve ever made because it forces me to be accountable for one of the biggest goals that I have ever set for myself. I was so worried about what people would think or how other women would react because it my experience, not all women are supportive of each other. Weird, right? We can all shout and demand equal pay, workplace equality and yada yada yada but when it comes to being happy for one another’s success, we struggle, as if another woman’s success somehow makes us feel inferior or lessens our own success. Comparison is the thief of joy and I realized that ten-fold when I started this little beach blog…

So sharing that I finished my book was something that I debated doing for a long time because once I put it out into the atmosphere, it was there and I wouldn’t be able to take it back. It also forced me to make a decision between signing with the traditional publisher or going the self-publishing route, yet another aspect of this writers journey that makes me question the definition of success. This is a decision that I have gone back and forth on for months because there are so many pros and cons to both options. In light of this lovely pandemic that we are all experiencing, my traditional publishing option has recently been pulled out from under me but something really amazing came into it's place instead. I can't wait to share that with you all in the next week or two!

Since I’ve been getting so many questions about my book, I wanted to share a few quick details! First things first, I'm thrilled with the cover and I am so grateful for the folks who made it come together.

The Parker House is book one of a multi-part series called The Fishwrap Mysteries. These books are geared towards middle-grade readers so while you might not pick this story up for your next book club read, I hope you’ll snag it to read under a blanket with your kids. It’s my hope that the imagery and story will transport you to the Outer Banks and that it warms your soul just like a vacation to your happy place in early September would. I hope that it opens your eyes to how kids grow up on the Outer Banks and how it’s just a little bit different to raise a child in this fragile coastal environment. I also hope it gives you a bucket list of cool places to visit with your kids when you come visit next. If you live here, I hope it feels familiar in the sense that you can relate to the adventure and the free-spirited childhood that your own kids experience while allowing your kids to escape to a place of independence that is likely on the horizon for them.

This book is a collection of bedtime stories that I told my very own son, Joey, who the main character is named after. When we first moved here, Joey was less than happy. In fact, he was so incredibly unhappy and struggled so hard with the transition as a 2nd grader that we contemplated moving back to Pennsylvania. It took him making one friend to really open his eyes to the beautiful salt life that awaited him. Now, about 9 years later, he wouldn’t trade a life away from the ocean for anything.

Our nightly bedtime stories filled with risk, adventure and mystery (and of course, with Joey as the hero) really made the first few months of 2nd grade on the Outer Banks something that we could survive. I mixed these stories with some local historical events from the 1800's and created The Fishwrap Mysteries. It’s an honor to share my bedtime ramblings with you and your kids and I hope you find yourself rubbing your child’s forehead as you cozy up together to share these stories, just like I did with my Joey. This bad memma-jamma is heading out to some beta readers now and as always, I appreciate the support of all of you more than you will ever know. There is something so special about growing up on the Outer Banks so here's to every kid who feels like their soul is set free here on the coast.



Nov 11, 2020

Where can we purchase your book?


Jul 24, 2020

Are we able to buy your book yet? We love the Outer much that my kids cry when we have to leave each year. They would love the books. Thanks

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