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Welcome Back!

The Outer Banks is famous for it's beautiful beaches and clean, family atmosphere. Well-kept beach houses line the coast and the people who vacation here typically treat the Outer Banks with love and respect because they have been visiting for so many years that it feels like going home. So when COVID-19 became the reason that our bridges closed and visitors were kept away, it was heartbreaking for so many.

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We're thrilled that as of May 16th the Outer Banks will welcome back vacationers. While the virus is still circulating and there is an increased risk by allowing visitors back, I think that so many people are ready to get back to work after missing much of the Spring. The tourism season is how so many of us provide for our families. If you're coming to the Outer Banks and need a recommendation on a family owned business to support, please let me know! I co-own 12th Street Portraits, a Corolla based photography business and we would be overjoyed to work with you and your family. As a business owner, we are implementing new training and making important changes to protect your family and to protect our own family.

I know that so many other local business owners are doing the same. We're all looking forward to getting back to work and making your family vacations the stuff quarantine dreams are made of!

Welcome back! My little Lulu wanted to be the first to break the news yesterday! I pretty much live for her little lisp right now. Three year olds have the sweetest voices!

You heard the girl, Outer Banks is open! Start packing! :)


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