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The Krieg's are coming to Reality TV...

We've had a heck of a time keeping this a secret in a small town but now that we are officially and legally allowed to talk about it, we couldn't be more excited! We're going to be on HGTV! Since February (yep, 4 solid months!) we have been filming with the most amazing crew of videographers, audio techs, directors, production assistants and producers that you could ever dream of. It's been a total blast! I truly can't say enough about the incredible folks who we were lucky enough to share this process with as they filmed our episode. We are blown away by the professionalism, kindness and honest to goodness love we have felt from the HGTV crew! Grateful hearts over here!

Just about every aspect of our home renovation has been filmed for HGTV's new show, Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation. This show is much like the original where the featured family is searching for a beach house at a bargain price. The difference is that the renovation version of this show showcases our home buying process and then how we renovate our home to make it our own.

As you can imagine in a small town it's been tough to keep this a secret. I've had friends come up to me and text me wanting to know what is going on at our house. We've been out to lunch with our crew and getting serious side-eyed looks from some folks. We have even had our favorite local baristas asking us why we have other people picking up our usual coffee orders. I'm telling you, if this is the way Joanna Gaines lives... sign me up!

Jason and I have had so much fun and it's been a complete blast having so much of our family join in on the process. We're really looking forward to seeing the episode but here's the kicker: we won't see the finished product until it airs! Talk about a little nerve-wracking!

We're really excited to see so many awesome local Outer Banks businesses on air too! We have had such an incredible team of people who made our dream home a reality and we are so incredible grateful! We'll be sharing more about each of the companies that were apart of this process in individual posts because they were ALL that good! Of course, none of it would have been possible without our amazing real estate agent, Cooper Hawk. If we didn't get such a great deal on our house, we would still be paying crazy high rent and dreaming of owning a home! We were also lucky enough to find a contractor, To the T Construction, who was willing to work with our smaller renovation budget and even allowed us to DIY some projects so we could keep our cost low.

The kiddos had fun with the process! As you can imagine, Joey felt like he was too cool for most of this and wasn't totally thrilled at the ripe old age of (almost) 12 years. Our girl Penny sure didn't mind the extra attention one little bit. Homegirl is always one to put on a show and she loved every single second. We're all really hoping that our golden doodle Buddha Love, who passed away a few months after we started filming, will be in the show a bit just so we can see him again. :) Fingers crossed.

We can't wait to share more details with you in the coming weeks. Until then, mark your calendars for August 20th at 9:00pm!

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