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Our Top 5 Questions Asked About HGTV

Ever since our HGTV film crew pulled out of the driveway in June, Jason and I have been reminiscing and talking about how much fun we have had. The experience was so rewarding and so much fun to do together! But ever since we have been able to publicly talk about this experience, we have been flooded with well-meaning questions about our experience and they are all the same. So with just one day to go until our episode airs, we've decided to answer a few questions here!

Our top 5 comments about our HGTV experience:

1.) "I wish they would come do my house so I didn't have to pay for my renovations!"

*Hey, if you can find someone who actually comes and pays for your renovations, please, send them our way! We have a few more ideas for this big old house! HGTV doesn't pay for your renovations. They contribute in some ways through connections in advertising and such but they certainly didn't throw in our $50,000 renovation budget...

2.) "Did they live with you?"

*While somedays it felt like they moved in since the hardworking crew works 12 hour days, they didn't actually live here. They stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn right here in Kitty Hawk and always raved about how great the hotel staff was at their "home away from home." The awesome crew is on the road so often and I'm so grateful that the Hilton Garden Inn took such good care of them!

3.) "Who was your interior designer? The Property Brothers?" *Since our show didn't have a "Host" like shows like Chip and Joanna Gaines hit, Fixer Upper or the Property Brothers, that means we also didn't have a designer. We did all of our own interior design, color choices and furniture selection although my sweet friend Mandy with Heart of Harlow did help with the back game room decor and now that's one of my favorite rooms in the house!

4.) "How did you get to do this?"

*Online, I applied online. After posting a photo on Instagram and having HGTV "heart" the post, I thought... we should seriously apply to be on a show! I applied and the next day we had a Skype interview and a few weeks later we met the crew at 7am on our front porch. It was a whirlwind to say the least!

5.) "Are you going to have an open house so everyone can come see it?" *While we are looking forward to entertaining family and friends in our new space, we won't be signing up for the Parade of Homes anytime soon ;)

I still can't express how grateful we are for such a fun experience. When we met this crew back in February we really weren't sure what to expect but they felt like family immediately and even loved on our late golden doodle, Buddha and tiny puppy, Cotton. We're really hoping that we get to see our Buddha in the show a little bit but we will find out tomorrow at 9pm!

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