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Eloise Moves Out.

Yes, you read that right! Eloise moves out! And it's happening this week! We're officially kicking the little bugger out of our room which means we are transitioning her into Penny's old room. We have kept all three of our babies in our bedroom for their first year with their crib set up close enough that I can reach them in the middle of the night and nurse them without having to walk my sleepy-head down the hall. Shocking news...I've jumped up to the demands of each of our kiddos, especially in the middle of the night and not a single one of them has a sleep disorder or mommy-issues! My point? This works for us and for some people, it wouldn't work. I'm good with that! Zero Mom guilt here! With Eloise heading into her very first big girl room, I want to change the paint colors up a little bit and really make it her own. Penny's room has always been a purple, white and silver color palette so I'm going to paint the walls the prettiest shade of girly pink that I could find! I decided on Behr paint since it served us so well on the rest of the house. This color is perfection! It's appropriately named "Sweetheart Pink." We're adding pops of gold metallic and her beautiful white crib and furniture.

The accessories will come together over time but I'm on the mad-search for a toy-like taxidermy unicorn. I spotted one at Target last year and I should have bought it! I'm still bummed that I didn't just grab it then and save it because it's been on my short-list ever since! With our closest Target almost 2 hours away, I was too late by the time I made it back!

I'm big on making vision boards whenever we are changing a space in our house so here's where we are at so far! Oh, sweet Eloise. It's been fun but it's time for you to spread your little baby wings... exactly 12 feet from my bedroom door.! <3

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