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National Puppy Day - Beach Puppy Style!

In honor of National Puppy Day, we are celebrating our sweet and wild puppy, Jetty!

Our Labradoodle, Jetty is the king of catching surf and talking long walks but I was seriously struggling to get out and about with him when I was with our girls. It's so hard to push the jogging stroller and hold a leash and pick up the Sippy cup that Eloise throws every eleven seconds! Enter SportLeash! This leash was a game changer for me! With the hands-free design I am able to clip the leash around my waist and I am still able to run with the stroller and Jetty since my hands are free. The leash can also be unclipped to be used as a regular hand leash. We love the entire line of SportsLeash products for so many reasons but mostly because of the neoprene lined collars and leashes! With the lining made of the same fabric as our wetsuits, Jetty can play in the ocean all he wants and we don't have to worry about his collar getting smelly! Win-win in our book! Want to WIN one of these amazing hands-free leashes? All you need to do is head over to our Facebook page and tell us your puppy's name in the comments. Share the post for an extra entry!

We like to think that he is "trying" to be a good puppy. At the ripe old age of 1, he is testing just about every single limit in this house... much like his human siblings do! Since his specialty is currently "counter surfing" I decided to whip up a treat just for him. ;) Luckily my kitchen helper is cute! Head over to my Instagram stories for the complete recipe on these treats!

Needless to say, Jetty was a huge fan of these yummy and super cute treats! We ordered this cookie cutter on Etsy from the seller NameThatCookie. It worked perfectly and we plan to use it for Jetty's birthday celebrations from here on out! :)

With the exception of counter surfing (I have lost way too many meals to this pooch!) he really is a pretty good puppy! He loves playing fetch and he is just about as crazy about the kiddos in this family as I am.

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