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Friday Libations!

Happy Weekend, Mamas! We're kicking off our Summer blog series "Friday Libations" with this delicious and low-cal treat from Dasani Sparkling Water! If there is one thing that I have been LOVING lately it is infused water. I bought this Fruzer from Amazon last month and I've been tossing it into my water every morning with raspberries or grapefruit. But by Friday night, I'm longing for a real happy hour on the back deck with Jason while we watch the kids run around in the yard. These Dasani Sparkling Water's are my go-to right now! Blood Orange and Watermelon have been our household favs! So when Jason walks in the door tonight I plan to have this delish little libation waiting for him!

First things first, I am infusing a fresh grapefruit with vodka. Slice the grapefruit in half and pour one shot of vodka into the grapefruit. If possible, do this about an hour before it's cocktail hour and let it sit at room temp. If you're ready for happy hour to begin RIGHT NOW, then no need to let it sit longer than it takes to prep the rest of the drink.

I think the thing that really makes this drink so refreshing is the crushed ice! I fill the glass to the top with the crushed ice and then pour the vodka directly from your grapefruit into the glass. Fill the rest of the glass up to the top with pre-chilled Blood Orange Dasani! Then slice up some of the infused grapefruit to add to your glass.

CHEERS, MAMAS! It's Friday! I hope your weekend is filled with the little ones that you love, ocean breezes and a cold drink at sunset!

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